The World V Reality

Posted: March 21, 2015 by veeshir in Uncategorized

So far the world is winning.

Wash Post columnist writes blatantly obvious editorial on Ferguson.


‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie


Now, he tried to cover himself by making a big deal of the Racial Animus Ferguson Officers Hold Toward African-Americans, but alas, even a little reality is too much intrusion on the Community-Based-Reality so….Entirely predictable results ensue as reality meets Wash Post.

Filling in for “Hardball’s” Chris Matthews, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart told viewers Thursday night that he has faced an onslaught of racial attacks since his editorial this week debunked Ferguson protesters’ “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative.

So… another lefty who’s learned his lesson not to go against What Everybody Knows!.


Via Say Uncle, this has to be seen to be believed.  I clicked it, starting reading and closed it as too stupid to be read, I wondered why Uncle had linked, I re-read his short post and realized what I had been missing. It’s a House Judiciary Committe (as in U.S. House of Representatives) web page, not some random tool explaining why the GOP is the bee’s knees.

It’s all about what the GOP IS DOING TO FIGHT OBAMA!!!! ON IMMIGRATION!!!!!!!!

It’s the lamest page of the lamest gifs (not an Upton in the lot…Bastids) explaining, well, let’s let them show you how stupid they think you are.

House Republicans have introduced a bill that prevents the President from unilaterally shutting down the enforcement of our immigration laws. It does so by allowing state and local governments to enforce federal immigration law. (Yeah, I’m sure Mitch MifuckingConnell will get right on that.)


Yeah…. Right after folding now THEY’RE GOING TO FIGHT!!!!!!

Squeezey Bulbs for all GOP Voters!!!!!

GOP Voter Device

C’mon, let’s hear you HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!

It helps if you bite the squeeze bulb and slap your fins together while you’re doing it.

They just think we’re stupid. There’s no way they’re going to fight Obama on anything, their leadership is too busy selling out.

I am starting to wonder if the “Justice” Dept is using some of the plentiful dirt on the GOP leadership to geld them. It’s the Chicago Way after all.



In NYC, they’re going to combat gun crime with microphones!!!!!!

“Why you done me like that, Ar?” he pleaded. “Ar, why you do me like that, dude?”

The exchange, which was used in court, was recorded by ShotSpotter,….

But cases in which microphones have picked up incriminating evidence have raised the eyebrows of privacy advocates, who note that there could be Fourth Amendment implications. (pshaw, that’s like a hundred years old and doesn’t mean anything anymore)


Wait, ignore that part, it’s a success story elsewhere.

Officers said ShotSpotter alerted them to the 20-year-old shot on Burroughs Street….

The system locates exactly where the shots are coming from down to about ten feet and within a matter of seconds.


Gee, if only there was a phone number people could call that would tell the cops where shots were fired. Eh, I’m sure they know what they’re doing. It’s NYC government after all, the most competen…sorry, there’s just so much reality I can ignore.


Meanwhile, in Philly, protestors brawl with cops over a shooting.

This one is especially screwed up.

On the one hand we’ve had our POTUS, his entire admin (including especially the laughably named Justice Dept) and the entire Democrat-political-entertainment complex stoking anti-police feelings with bullshit charges of racism (as we’ve seen above).

On the other hand, Ferguson cops did not cover themselves in glory either, the AR-15s or M-4s they were carrying while wearing camo (in a fucking city) being followed by their APC  were not in riot gear, that’s military gear. There is no reason to wear camo in a fucking city except to Be Tacticool. That’s a threat of murder, riot cops wear riot gear like helmets, knee pads, maybe some football pads on their upper body and carry plexiglass shields, not run around with a sniper on an MRAP while they’re wearing fucking camo in a city carrying military weapons in a threatening manner.

That’s one of the reasons people are afraid of cops anymore. Plus, they’re just revenue generators anymore so it’s hard to respect them.

There are no very few good ways for reality to reassert itself peacefully in that situation, there are many violent ones.

Now, for a short, 8-second, Proclamation From Dear Leader

Ah yes, the success story that is Yemen.

US TROOPS FLEE YEMEN QUAGMIRE – Obama Spends Day Golfing, Watching B-Ball


So my question, is this pic the best illustration  (hat tip CBD)

obama world


or this one. (H/T The Rev Jim who I think sells a line of this stuff somewhere)



Yeah, I wish he had put Obama golfing in that one too. First one it is.


Next, we have a bit of oddity that I would probably have laughed at you for saying even yesterday.

I’m actually leaning toward favoring a gun “buyback”(even though they were never yours so you’re not buying them back, leftists have to Orwell everything).

Dozens Turn In Guns In Exchange For Welding Training From Boilermakers

I think I’m in favor of a gun ‘buyback’ by a union!!!! How’s that for all about teh fucked up?

Hell, if I lived in Pittsburgh I have a gun I’d turn in for welding training. I could always buy another just like it when I start making that sweet, sweet welding money.


So what have we learned today? Not a fucking thing. I’m just done with actually trying to see if I can do something about what’s coming (in my own, deranged way) and just down to trying to figure out what’s going to blow up first.

I’ll leave you with one of the pinnacles of western civilization



The awesomeness that is Upton gifs. No other civilization has or has had anything like it.

I mentioned her gifs so I have to post them. It’s in the stylebook.


upton 44

That’s tres hot but this is my favorite





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