Posted: April 2, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault

So now we have a deal with Iran and CNN is totes stoked.


Optimism as Iran nuclear deal framework announced; more work ahead

Work ahead. Yeah.

There are plenty of details left to iron out, but negotiators took a significant step Thursday toward a landmark deal aimed at keeping Iran’s nuclear program peaceful.

Some minor details but it’s Landmark!!!!!!! LANDMARK!!!!! I say!

Some highlights.

Iran gets to keep some centrifuges and still enrich uranium and just because they keep calling for death to Israel, doesn’t mean they’re not mostly-peaceful.

Of course, the centrifuges will be in an underground bunker. Hmmmmm, now I have to wonder if that’s why Obama refused to sell bunker buster bombs to Israel.

But the part that makes it just so ridiculous that only our current “Elite” booger-eating morons could actually even pretend to be impressed is this bit of stupidity

Many details still need to be worked out and diplomats close to the negotiations said the deal was fragile. It could not be ruled out that the understandings reached could collapse between now and June 30.

Many details, like oh……. all of them. That is a framework, in other words, it’s a set of stupidities that are supposed to lead to the actual details.

I do like this bit from “experts” (read, semi-rational but still willfully-ignorant, elitist fools)

Experts believe it will be much harder to reach a final deal that it was to agree the framework accord.


So what you’re saying is that it was easier to agree to a non-binding, nebulous deal and harder to agree to an actual deal?

The deuce you say!

Over the years the Iranians have repudiated each and every deal they claimed to be making.

So in June, Iran will ignore this deadline, Obama will declare victory and try to cancel sanctions.

Because of the Crusades.

It’s all over the but the contrails and mushroom clouds at this point.

The only question I have is if Obama and crew are really that stupid (excepting J Effin Kerry and Biden, they are that stupid) or if they just don’t care or what the hell their plan is?

I mean, the only outcome is that Iran repudiates this in June (actually, they’ll probably delay until mid-July at least to actually admit that). This makes Iran look even stronger as they, like every other tin-pot thug in the world, thumb their noses at America with impunity.

So assuming Obama, or really anybody involved, is competent (bear with me), they have to know this, so are they just trying to get another “accomplishment” to tout, like destroying al Quaeda and the Arab Spring? That’s one possibility but…..

I’ve been operating on the premise that Obama really is that stupid in foreign affairs and just wants the US OUT OF EVERYWHERE!!!!! , so it’s all going to come as as much of a surprise to them as to Minitrue.

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