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So we have a Pacific trade deal that’s supposed to help the countries that China’s busy boning.

e Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). China has so far been excluded from the negotiations between the United States and 11 other countries on the TPP, which is widely viewed as an attempt to counter Beijing’s rising influence in the region.

So what’s my problem? Well, since Obama is involved, you know that whatever is the ostensible purpose, the actual result will be to screw America.

Other Obama administration officials have stated that China could eventually join the TPP. William Craft, deputy assistant secretary of state for economic and business affairs, said in March that, “we’re certainly not doing this as an anti-Chinese thing.”

Remember, the enemy of his enemy (America) is Obama’s friend.

Obama is the type of American president that would be a character in some dystopian book about the end of civilization.

It’s kind of funny that dystopian book will be a history book.

Hi Nee

Posted: April 23, 2015 by veeshir in Fuck Cancer

I don’t write about my problems because you don’t want to hear them, I don’t think they’re your business and I don’t like whiners. This post isn’t really about my problems, it’s about dealing with a good person’s problems.

My mother’s parents came from Italy in the 20s. I always laugh as I think about it. My grandfather, Nono, came in the mid-20s alone and worked to make money to bring my grandmother, Nona. He went back to Italy in 28 or so and got back to America in 1930. It always makes me laugh because I see Nona acting all skeptical as Nono kept saying, “I swear the streets were paved with gold. I swear!”

Nona went into labor as their ship docked and was rushed to a hospital so she never made it to Ellis Island and Aunt Nanette was born in NYC. Nona eventually had 3 more daughters, including my mother.

Her sisters call her “Nee” and always say, “Hi Nee” when they greet her.

For years I noticed that they were all calling her a hiney (butt) when they greeted her, but I waited until I was in my 20s to say, “Hiney” at her and then burst out laughing.

I explained it and she thought it was funny that I had waited to say it. Ever after, while I still call her Aunt Nanette, I always greet her with a “Hiney”.

Aunt Nanette is like Mary Tyler Moore, except not at all assertive or self-confident.

Since she often went to Vegas, even travelling there with a girl-friend in 50s,  I’m gonna assume she was not exactly a nun. She and her friend lived there for a while and came back via New Orleans, good for you Aunt Nanette.

She stayed single her whole life and worked as a secretary at IBM her whole career, I always figure she would have fit right in with the Mad Men crew.

Aunt Nanette was the one who babysat me, or perhaps I babysat her, it was a fine line.

Her sisters (my mother and aunts) could all cook, not so with Aunt Nanette. Her fridge was a sight to behold, a stark, white box with bare bulb lighting a jar of olives and a quart of expired milk. The freezer had ice and a bottle of Smirnoff.

When I was 6 or 7, I was at her apartment and we were having hot dogs for dinner. I put the water on, turned on the burner, dumped in the last few dogs and threw out the package. Aunt Nanette got all agitated, hands shaking, and said, “Don’t do that! That’s where the directions are!”

I’ll never forget my utter shock that she did not know how to boil hot dogs, a skill I had mastered by the time I was 5.

She bought pork chops once when I was closer to 10. I had to call my father to find out how to cook them, I hadn’t cooked pork chops before. You coat them with Gulden’s and then bread crumbs and bake. We had to go buy mustard and bread crumbs, but they were darn good.

Aunt Nanette never forgot a birthday or Christmas, her cards were always on time. I’ve been pretty broke lately so instead of a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble, she sent me a check for $100 the last two birthdays.

She is the nicest person I know. There is not a mean bone in her body. I’m not saying she’s a saint but that all her sins were against herself. She’s just a truly good person,  of which I’ve met a vanishingly small number in my 52 tears if life.

So the point.

A week ago she had to go the hospital with shortness of breath. They had to drain a quart of fluid from her lungs. She has small cell lung cancer, they gave her 4-6 weeks but my sister told me she was fading faster than that.

She lives in an in-law-apt. attached to my sister’s house. My sister has her own problems and since my last job just ended (tutoring kids who failed the Arizona AIMS test required for HS graduation, they canceled the test), I drove to NY over the weekend to be here with one of my favorite people as she dies.

When I first got here Sunday night, she was in decent shape. She took some meds and stayed in her hospital-type bed, but was still the Aunt Nanette I knew.


She ate her liverwurst sandwiches, drank Pepsi, watched Turner Classic Movies and jonesed for a cig. I think she watched that channel exclusively because every other channel has probably 5 commercials an hour for some cancer society or other and that just bothers her. Aunt Nanette is the master of denial but those commercials force her to face her impending death.

But now, she can’t deny it. She’s so weak it’s a chore to be helped out of bed to the commode we have set up next to the bed. She gets out of breath just chewing a liverwurst sandwich.

Starting yesterday, she freaks out when she’s awake and can’t breathe so we have to keep her doped up on opium and Lorazepan, now she just lays there, asleep looking small with the O2 machine chugging along behind her.

I don’t handle death well, I’ve never seen a dead body not in a casket, I just hope I can be strong enough to make it worse for her.

Bye Nee.

I’ll miss you.










I can’t find my copy of 1984 and I can’t find the quote online, but we meet Tom Parsons later on in the book after Winston and Julia are pinched. He, Tom, is proud of the fact that his kids turned him in to the thought police for supposedly saying “Down with President Obama…….”…..ummm…”Down with Big Brother” in his sleep.

The award goes to…….

Boing Boing

It actually started with something funny. a pic of a cat who demanded it be called a german shephard.

So the LGBTXRQGHADAFFY community did what they do best, get OUTRAGED!!!!!!!

So Boing Boing thanked the mob for exposing their thoughtcrime and then they

doubleplusungood 1

But wait! There’s still more!!!!!!


That’s darn funny. How dare anybody defend the wrong free speech!!!!!!!!!


Is it time to start calling them a “humor” ezine?


Weasel Zippers saw it at the Right Scoop first, they have the complete series. It’s pretty darn funny.

I edited the beginning to try to make it make sense.

First, I call upon (every) one of you to deplore my overt sexism in the previous post.

I posted this

hillary logo 2


I should not have called Hillary! a ho, she’s an entitled, dishonest, cold, calculating bitch, but she’s not a ho.


I saw the Drudge story about Hillary busing in ordinary campaign workers…people for her to be average with.

Bird himself is a frequent participant in Iowa Democratic Party events. He interned with President Obama’s 2012 presidential re-election campaign, and was tapped to chauffeur Vice President Joe Biden in October 2014 when he visited Davenport.


I was wondering which one broke ranks, as I’d bet a lot that each and every “journalist” who breathlessly covered this knew but still wrote stories saying how great she is.

Polie-ico had this to say about our “Iowans”, they did mention they were pre-selected but….

The three Iowans who were photographed chatting with Clinton were picked by the campaign: Sara Sedlacek, a young mother who works for Planned Parenthood; St. Ambrose University student Austin Bird; and Carter Bell, the president of the University of Iowa College Democrats.


Hmmm,  they knew that much but failed to mention….ohhhh, that one was an Obama volunteer and another Joe Biden’s driver. Lies of omission are one of their specialties. Right along with lies of commission.

Wash Post loves them some ordinary Hillary

Clinton began her day with coffee at a locally owned shop in rural Le Claire.

Among those she met (met, not “bused in” V) was Sara Sedlacek, 33, of West Liberty, Iowa. Sedlacek is the mother of a 15-month-old child, works for Planned Parenthood and owns, with her husband, a coffee shop and wine bar.


This is a nice touch.

This trip has been small-scale by design. Clinton, the overwhelming favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination, is deliberately beginning her campaign on a listening tour to project humility and show that she intends to earn every vote.

The campaign mantra — go small and  stay humble


Heh. Hillary, stay humble.

‘Hillary’ and ‘humble’ only belong in the same sentence if it includes the phrase “humble her enemies”.

The NY Times.  Headline

For a Clinton, It’s Not Hard to Be Humble in an Effort to Regain Power


Hmmm, Humility’Humble must be the word of the day at Journolist.

They’re nothing but Minitrue. As predicted by many, , their “GOPers Love Them Some Hillary!” story.

Hillary Clinton has found a new constituency: Republicans.


The first in a series.

Bad stuff for Hillary we have to read about it in the Daily Mail.

As Weasel Zippers wrote, .

The media across the pond isn’t ready for Hillary.



IMIO* I don’t see Hillary winning, unless the GOP manages to nominate Jeb Bush of course, but barring that, I just cannot believe that enough people will vote for her even with Minitrue spending months telling us she’s the bee’s knees.

Saying that, I do really like the idea of a Hillary! campaign, just for the Hillarity.

Important, Above The Post (well, near the top of the post anyway) Update!!!!!! via Doug Ross!

hillary D'Oh!


Now back to our post already in progress

Via Paco, we see Powerline with some Hillary! campaign posters, most are ‘eh’, but a couple are pretty good.

My fave

hillary logo 2

Of course, Stoaty has been on a roll with thesehillaryannounce

or my fave Stoaty one


I do wish I was even competent with photoshop, because the pics of her from the 2008 campaign, when she was going against Minitrue’s God-President, are awesome and do not need much to be perfect.

This one isn’t from the campaign, but it goes with the others.

Trailer Park Grandma Hillary

Trailer Park Grandma Hillary


This one cracks me up, it was taken through some sort of lens they normally don’t use.

POTUS Of The Damned!

POTUS Of The Damned


This one is my very favoritest picture of her, even more than Trailer Park or Vampire Hillary.

She'll Eat Your Soul

Vote for Hillary Or She’ll Eat Your Soul!

This, of course, is the only palatable pic of Hillary.



Why is this post in “Liberal Fascism”? Because every post with Hillary belongs in Liberal Fascism.

* (In My Ignorant Opinion)

I saw this post at the Puppy Blender’s.

BILL STRAUB: What Have the 2016 GOP Hopefuls Done in the Senate? Here’s what Rubio, Cruz, Paul and Graham have been up to in the 114th Congress.


So I says to myself, self,that Graham mentioned can’t be Lyndsey Fucking Graham, can it?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) likewise is seriously considering popping in,

Nothing I say could add anything at all to that, it’s like trying to make a satire of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

little lord graham

Here we have J Effin Kerry warning Congress that they had better not oppose this deal the Iranians have already said they won’t make.


The Minitrue “journalists” are going all in on how this deal is so great.

They do mention Netanyahu saying it’s a stupid deal but immediately give Kerry the rebuttal, as if Netanyahu is the only one with a problem.

They just cannot admit any failures by their God-President.

Via Weasel Zippers.