Posted: May 1, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, PEBKAC

Doomed I say!

In a stealing from the Puppy Blender post, we see exactly how boned we are.

First. the set up. hilariously endy as it is.

The Asian-American something or other at Brandeis U. put up a display of horrible things said to Asians (you don’t look Asian!), to highlight how horrible AmeriKKKa is toward Asian-Americans.Apparently this was too much for the poor widdle Asian-Americans who were apparently microaggressed by the horrible triggers or something.

Now, I couldn’t care any less exactly what the “microaggressions” are or why they’re using such violent imagery (triggers!!!!!!), but that’s not the point, it is the funny as these precious little snowflakes cannot even face the horrors of seeing an index card showing that white people attempt to say things in their language, much as I’ll say, “Bonn jerno” to Italians I meet.

So that’s the pretty funny set-up, here’s what ties it to the endy from the puppy blender’s, quoting Nick Gillespie at the Daily Beast,

But really, what the fuck is wrong with kids these days and, more important, the supposed adults who look after them? They act as if they are raising human veal that cannot even stand on their own legs or face the sunlight without having their eyeballs burned out and their hearts broken by a single deep breath or uncomfortable moment.

These children, who are utterly incapable of even knowing that a differing opinion exists, will be the ones who our current “Elite” will choose to replace themselves.

So our next set of Congresscritters and other politicians, ‘journalists’ and all the other professions filled with graduates of our “elite” colleges, will be utterly incapable of even marginally functioning in a non-1984 world, one without newspeak and thoughtcrimes.

For those who can’t see what what’s happening:


  1. Leonard Jones says:

    So I guess talking about cross-ways slits is out of the question?

    • veeshir says:

      I’m not sure where you think you are, but that’s probably only out of the question if you do not provide a link for illustrative purposes.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    Made me want to eat Chinese big time!

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    That may be so, but I riked it a rot! I had an irresistible urge to vote in a Japanese

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