It’s A Good Day To Not Give Up Drinking

Posted: May 5, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP Win!, Liberal Fascism, Obama's Fault

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Remember, it’s a los cinco somewhere.

First, a repeat

How GOP Congresscritters view GOP voters


In today’s news, we have this tidbit via Ace. Go to Ace or the Foxnews site if you want the sordid details of what appears to be a US Senator using the IRS to attack a critic of Obama or any analysis more detailed than this

Some of the allegations are not sourced, but appear to have been proven in a previous court battle and he also appears to be saying that he proved that the IRS agent called him. Phone records should cover that.

All that isn’t that important to my point though, this quote is my point,

It is also proof that this scandal extended beyond the IRS to high-level Democrats — including a specific Democratic U.S. Senator. It’s all in black and white in my personal IRS tax files. These are facts.

My files have been turned over to U.S. Senate investigators. I stand ready and eager to testify.


Ooooooohhhhh!!!!!! He’s ready to testify!!!!!! At some Senate hearing, probably just before the election where the GOP can be seen Doing Something!!!! To Counter Obama!!!!!!

GOP Voter Device

GOP Voter Device

Let’s Hear You Honk!!!!!!!! Slap Those Fins Together!!!!!!


See, it’s day 726 of the IRS scandal, nearly 2 years, and what’s happened to those responsible? I’d say Shit and squat cuz Jack left town 2 years ago but that’s not entirely true. Sure nothing’s happened to some (Obama for instance), but the people who actually did it have been promoted or retired with awesome pensions. As the GOP throws fish to get us to slap our fins together, the Dems slap us in the face with rotten fish.


Via Ace, GOP Failure Theater on Iran. I am ambivalent on this one, the nukular war he’s courting will involve Iran, Iraq, the Arabian peninsula, Pakistan, India and maybe Turkey and probably Kuwait with a good chance of Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Israel staying out of it.

But somehow I doubt the GOP would agree with that assessment so they’re just pretending to do anything as they’re courting nukular war.

Can the “Justice” Dept. really have that much dirt on them or are they just feckless aholes?

These are the things that don’t keep me up at night as the solution is the same, get rid of all of them.

100% turnover in every elective office in the country. Get rid of the justice of the Peace in Scott City Kansas.


Important, Below the Post Update!!!!!!!

Via Say Uncle

Frist Prize!



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