Iraq; Jeb trips over himself

Posted: May 11, 2015 by socklessjoe in FAIL

Undoubtedly, Jeb was totally tone-deaf in his remarks about whether it was a good idea to invade Iraq.

But it was also a bullshit question.

The biggest thing we didn’t know at the time was how duplicitous the Democrats would be about the war, and the fact that the American people would lose interest.

As it turns out, there actually were WMDs and ties to Al Qaeda (-1- , -2- , -3-, for example).  It’s just that nobody seems to care.

Anybody wonder where Assad got some of his cool toys?

But back to Jeb, the options are (1) say that it wasn’t a good idea, (2) fight the fight.  Number 2 is rather difficult due to the fact that Rove/McClellan squandered their opportunity to set the record straight.  So you should probably go with number 1.

  1. veeshir says:

    If you want my opinion, don’t pay any attention to what Jeb says, it’ll make it that much palatable when he’s shoved down our throats and the Dem wins the election.

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