My Car Broke Down

Posted: May 14, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP Win!

And my wife is pregnant, could you give me $50 to get some gas and pay the tolls to get to her doctor?

If you fell for that, then you’re going to love this one.

GOP Senators BAN EARMARKS!!!!!!!!!!!


And the rubes fell for it.

The cost of earmarks totaled $4,200,000,000 in fiscal year 2015, which was up 56 percent from the previous year, according to Citizens Against Government Waste’s (CAGW) 2015 Congressional Pig Book.


Yeah. It’s what grifters do.

Anybody who actually thought they were going to get rid of earmarks, raise your hand.

Now smack yourself in the face with that hand.

Via Weasel Zippers.

Below the fold, I’ve been debating whether to write about Aunt Nanette, but since I started this, I should finish it.


Well, she passed away last week.

I went to NY to stay with her, the first 5 days she was bed-ridden but lucid and basically the same as always. Then, she started getting worse, she couldn’t breathe and the pain became too strong and she would really freak out just before the next morphine and anti-anxiety pills so we kept upping the morphine and she had to take some anti-anxiety meds (lots of them) with the morphine.

Eventually, we got to a lot of morphine and anti-anxiety meds every 4 hours, just before that she went into basically a coma.

5 or 6 days of that and one morning she just stopped breathing.

Bye Nee.

One weekend she was at a casino in upstate NY, Monday of the next week she was told there might be a problem when she went to a doctor about troubles breathing, Wednesday she was told inoperable cancer, Friday she took to bed, a week and a half later she stopped breathing.

There are no good says to die from cancer, but that’s the least bad I’ve ever heard.

  1. HayZeus says:

    As sad as I am to hear it, I’m glad she gave you so many good times and memories and glad it was relatively quick for all of that. Condolences, man.

    While I’m at it, thanks for the update and the regular posts. Keep up the good work and kindly GFY. ;p

  2. FallGuy says:

    Thanks for the update. You and your family are in our thoughts.

    And thanks also for the continuing posts. I don’t like the Endy part, but at least you keep pointing out the Funny! You seem to be one of the last manning the towers. I have had to go back to the archives every so often for a little wisdom from Edward von Bear just to gain some subtle perspective on topics. EddyBear could lay down some melodic prose!

    Thanks again and stay strong!

  3. DaveInTampa says:


    My condolences, although as you said ‘least bad.’

    I know I pretty much just chime in to bitch, but as FallGuy said, Thanks for keep the blog alive.

  4. veeshir says:

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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