Rule Of “Law”

Posted: May 28, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Liberal Fascism

The Second Amendment Foudation (SAF)won a round against DC’s “No Guns For You” law.

Quoth Veeshir at Say Uncle

The court relies on law-enforcement to enforce their rulings.

In other words, they’re relying on the “Justice” Dept or the DC police to enforce this.

Not gonna happen….

(from later comment) I’d like to be wrong, but I trust neither the DC police nor the “Justice” Dept.

In some exciting updates

We see DC “misinterpreting” the ruling.

The May 18th order from Judge Frederick J. Scullin, which issued a preliminary injunction against the District, prevents the city government from enforcing the “good reason” requirement embedded in its gun carry law.

While Judge Scullin agreed that the “good reason” clause is “arbitrary” and “far beyond” reasonable gun carry restrictions, the city said in its filing that the clause is the “central element of the District’s concealed carrying regime.”

SAF  filed a motion to hold them in contempt of court, apparently that went nowhere but

The request comes after the Metropolitan Police Department sent a letter to one applicant notifying him the city would not be issuing him a permit for at least another 90 days despite Scullin’s ruling


Wash, rinse, watch them ignore the law and the “Justice” Dept. and DC police do not a thing.

That’s my Veeshir Vearless Vrediction.




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