In Losing The Campaign News


Rand Paul just sacrificed his presidential campaign for his libertarian principles

For saying

The point I wanted to make is that we can still catch terrorists using the Constitution.”

Ummmmmmm, no.

He sacrificed his presidential campaign for saying that others apparently want the terrorist to win just to spite him, I’d say most Americans are against the NSA acting like the Stasi.

You do have to love Maverick (R-Media) helping them to attack him

Whether or not it was his prime motivation, as Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) suggest, Paul will earn a lot of money for his presidential campaign.

Asshole, when you agree with Dianne Feinstein (D-umber than a box of Boxers) on anything, you know you’re acting stupidly.

If he’s going to make money off his stance, wouldn’t that mean it’s sorta popular?

I mean, I know minitrue hates anything smelling of Tea Party… oh right.


In Losing the Gulf War II News you gotta love this headline from the number 2 minitrue outlet (We’re the Shit!)

While nobody was looking, the Islamic State launched a new, deadly offensive


Yeah, see, you might not have been looking. Obama was certainly not looking, but for anybody not a sucker of leftist dicktations, it was blatantly obvious that they weren’t going to just sit on the ground they’ve taken.

They’ve been marching across the whole middle east and particularly Syria/Iraq as Iraqi troops run away,they just took thousands of Humvees, plenty of Abrams tanks, American artillery and ammo for same and you idiots are surprised they went on an offensive?

That story is actually providing affirmation in the guise of providing information, ISIS is attacking but Obama could not have known!!!!!!!


In Losing One’s Mind news, this one from some CNN tool is hilarious,

i'm an idiot

I agree, being a lesbian trapped in a man’s body is cisnormative or heteronormative or whatever the hell I’m supposed to call it today(and very teenage male cisnormative), but that’s not what he meant.

He was meant that saying Bruce Caitlyn Kardash….Jenner in hisher its I’m Making Money Off Being a Freak costume is attractive is a bad thing.

Apparently, we need to celebrate hisher…its choice to be the freakiest of the Kardashian freakshow without assigning any normative…normal values to it.

Via Weasel Zippers, who usually see the endy but don’t always see the funny.


In Losing The Cold War News, I can’t believe I missed this one

Minority small business owners have the most to lose if the Obama administration’s labor regulators do away with the franchise business model, according to a new report.


No, not the utterly unfunny “World Ends, Women, Minorities Hardest Hit”.

But that Obama is trying to do away with franchises. WTF? He’s now trying to destroy every last small business owner in America.

Jebus, I wish someone would tell him we won the Cold War.


So what did we learn today?

Not a blessed thing, except I learned about another angle Obama is using to destroy America.

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