Posted: June 13, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP Win!, Liberal Fascism, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

Don Quixote-0

The other day I wrote about Judicial Watch WINNING!!!!!! against the IRS, a federal judge told the IRS they have to release their emials about how Obama had them attack his political opponents and stated

Yeah, and who’s going to enforce his ruling? The “Justice” Dept? Congress? The Tooth Fairy?

I’m all for tilting at windmills, but lately the windmills keep winning.

Well, it’s Saturday, the day after the IRS was supposed to provide Judicial Watch with the papers and checking their page, including their IRS Scandal page, guess what I see?

Not a thing.

The problem the Founding Fathers never anticipated was a concerted effort by most of our media to hide gov’t illegalities when they’re performed by the media’s chosen political party.

  1. mysterian says:

    some recognized the fault of placing the prosecutorial power under the executive. It is what Macaulay meant by “all sail and no anchor:”

    “Your constitution is all sail and no anchor. As I said before, when a society has entered on this downward progress, either civilisation or liberty must perish. Either some Caesar or Napoleon will seize the reins of government with a strong hand; or your republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the twentieth Century as the Roman Empire was in the fifth;—with this difference, that the Huns and Vandals who ravaged the Roman Empire came from without, and that your Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your own country by your own institutions.”
    — Thomas Babington Macaulay, letter to Henry Stephens Randall, May 23, 1857.—The Letters of Thomas Babington Macaulay, ed. Thomas Pinney, vol. 6, p. 96 (1981)”

    • veeshir says:

      Either some Caesar or Napoleon will seize the reins of governmen

      Unfortunately, we have Bozo the Commie Clown seizing the reigns of gov’t.

      At least Caesar or Napoleon would have done it competently, we’re stuck with idiots who do not accept reality.

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