So the Obama admin lied to and basically told a federal judge to suck their balls.

anen called the Obama administration’s response to his Feb. 16 injunction “unacceptable” and “unprofessional.” He also stated that he is “shocked and surprised at the cavalier attitude the Government has taken” towards it.

At issue is the federal government’s failure to clear up why DHS issued 2,000 work permits to illegal aliens even after the injunction was in place. The Justice Department made that announcement in May, but DHS and its sub-agencies have not yet explained why applications for the permits were approved.

Ace says,

I really do hope he just tosses them in jail.


Certainly deserved, but who’s going to do it? The “Justice” Dept? The Justice League of America? Santy Claus?

We have an administration that’s wiping its ass on the Constitution, a “Justice” Dept and Congress who are utterly uninterested in doing anything about it (except occasionally the GOP assholes HAVE A HEARING TO CALL THE OBAMA ADMIN TO ACCOUNT!!!!!!) and a media totally uninterested in actually reporting on it.


I still see an asteroid as being the least horrible solution to all the problems our fine leftist betters have brought about.

It is interesting to see what’s the cause of the collapse.

Will it be world war? A world-wide totalitarianism brought on by a collapse caused by the fact that more money is owed by all nations and people right now than even exists? Civil War/Revolution in America (added) caused by the gov’t attacking Tea Party/Constitutionalists or Race War (with the rest of the world then getting their war on)? Or some combination of some or all of those or something totally unsuspected right now?

The suspense is killing me, but I figure the end of the suspense will kill me too.

  1. mysterian says:

    Federal Marshalls belong to the judiciary branch. A Federal judge can have them arrested by Federal Marshalls. (FWIW, the legislative branch could give itself police/prosecutorial powers if they wanted and the president signed the bill…)

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