Veeshir Vearless Vrediction!!!!

Posted: July 14, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Notes on the Revolution, PEBKAC

Trump will not run as a Republican or an Independent.

As I said in 2012, he’s a huckster and running for president, as Al Sharpton could tell you, is a great way to huck. Also in 2012, I made the same Vearless Vrediction because of his disclosure form.

As for the polls, it’s before the debates, much less the actual voting deal, so who’s leading today is absolutely meaningless for who’s in the lead next month.

I started writing this and then looked for the proof, he has not filed his financial disclosure form and will not, I found this article.

Political insiders see several clues that Trump isn’t in it for the long haul. One sign: He still has only a skeleton staff. Asked to name campaign workers that Trump may have hired, D.C. political operatives were mostly unable to cite any new staffers….

Trump’s press operation seems to still be run largely out of his company. Calls to his press contact go to his real estate holding company’s headquarters. And most of the statements he issued about his controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants have come via the company….

And the part that cinches the deal for me,

Doubters also point to Trump’s lack of financial disclosure. He made a show of reading a report about his net worth during his launch, but detailed asset disclosure is required for official candidates. So far, Trump hasn’t filed that paperwork. Neither have Rick Perry and Bush, who both asked for a 45-day extension. Such requests are not unusual, but longtime Trump-watchers find it hard to believe that the real estate mogul, who often has been accused of overstating his wealth, will be willing to offer an explicit accounting of his assets.

Also as I said in 2012, there’s no way in hell he can do all the financial things he has to do to run,  if he does there’s going to be so much data to be mined by the Dems, Minitrue and the NRO-GOPers that he be boned, and that’s not mentioning people like the SEC and his competitors who might be interested in such a disclosure.

I am in favor of him running, he’s shaking things up and changing the terms of the debate, making the unspeakable (against all the things the NRO-Wing of the GOP are for) very speakable so that when Rick Perry, Ted Cruz and Scott Walker (and his throne of Dem-skulls) can talk about them.

Not sure who I’m fer yet, but I am fer Trump doing what he does best, huckstering and getting his face out there so his next reality show has great ratings.

He’s also showing anybody who gives shit one about what GOP voters want, which lets out the NRO-GOPers.

They just want us to get in line because they’re better and smarter than we. \

Saying that, we all know my early favorite, Clinton/Bush!!!!


  1. Leonard Jones says:

    Whether he registers or not, I see Trump as a good thing. He is focusing on the
    common sense issues that will energize the grass roots and the conservative
    base. There is something to be said about a man who speaks his mind without
    giving a flying fuck about what others think. The only reservation I have is
    that we have seen this before in 1992 and 1996. If Trump has been bought
    off by the promise of contracts, we may have a big problem.

    If he is nipping at the heels of whoever is leading the pack, he is going to force
    the eventual candidate to the right! But he can also pull a Perot in one of
    two ways; If he is actually running, he could lose the primary and simply
    refuse to endorse the nominee. This would cause the single issue
    absolutists GOP voters to stay home as they did 92, 96, 08 and 2012. Or,
    he could go full bore Perot and run as an independent. Either way,
    the fugly lesbian communist in the Mao Jacket will win.

    If he really is a man who loves his country and does the right thing, he could
    do some good. I am adamant in my fight against the loopy dipshit GOP
    absolutist voters who gave us 2 terms of Clinton and 2 terms of Obonzo.

    Can anyone tell me that we would have seen the destruction we have
    witnessed if George H.W. Bush had been reelected or if Dole, McCain
    or Romney had been elected with a straight face? These people are
    INSANE! They actually believe that electing new left communist radicals
    is preferable to three war heroes, and a successful venture capitalist.

  2. veeshir says:

    Not sure about a Perot, on the one hand, a good Perot might actually win, on the other hand, a Perot might take votes away from the GOP and make Hillary POTUS.

    On the gripping hand (carpe scrotum), if the GOP nominate Jeb Bush, they won’t need a Perot for Hillary to win.

    So two out of three chances, a Perot does not really do any damage.

    These people areINSANE! They actually believe that electing new left communist radicals
    is preferable to three war heroes, and a successful venture capitalist.

    I’d say it’s more like, “We aren’t going to vote from some asshole who only cares about power for the elite.”

    Unfortunately, the GOP, instead of learning from their mistakes, are too busy calling us all unhelpful idiots.

    I’m definitely unhelpful to them, and I often act stupidly, but fuck them.

    I cannot say that enough times or forcefully enough for how much I mean it.

    Fuck them.

    Besides, a McCain or Romney admin would have been happy about Obamacare and Obamamnesty without pissing average people off enough to be as pissed as Americans are right now.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    The way I see it, we have a few more presidential election cycles before America
    is a one party state. The 51 percent tipping point (Those in the wagon) is about
    to be reached. Obonzo as a lame duck, threw the throttle into socialist speed.
    We are heading into an abyss from which there may be no way out, and the
    ultimate Irony is that it was Republicans that made this happen!

    I caught wise to the true nature of this movement when the bitch Michelle Malkin
    was was on the Hugh Hewitt show. The guest host (Carol Platt Leiau) nailed
    her ass with a followup question after one of her anti GOP rants. She asked
    Malkin what she would do if the GOP gave her everything she wanted. She
    said (And I heard it with my own ears) she would still seek the destruction
    of the Republican party!

    Lindsay Grahamnisty is polling at 1 percent on RCP. In the improbable case
    he becomes the nominee, I will not be happy. I will get drunk and hold my
    nose as I punch the card, and probably puke my guts up into the porcelain
    throne afterwards, but I will vote for him. I will do this because I am not
    a one issue absolutist, so I realize that by every objective standard he
    would be better than the lesbian communist in the Mao Jacket.

    I will not be a part of surrendering this great country into the darkness
    of totalitarian communism by helping to elect the third new left communist
    radical to the White House in 24 years! Our power resides primarily in
    the power to elect legislators. This is the battlefield we need to fight this
    war on. I am a HUGE supporter of the TEA Party movement. The
    solution is to replace the dickheads in congress, not sit at home
    and bitch.

    • veeshir says:

      No, the GOP is in trouble because they’ve bee shitting on the people who vote for them for most of this century.
      Remember the Permanent Majority they threw away by acting like Dems on the budget?

      Ask me what I would do fi the GOP gave me everything I want.

      I’d say, “I don’t answer ridiculous hypotheticals, you might as well ask me what I would do if I had the Dems gave me everything I want”.

      Neither one is going to happen.

      The GOP have been spending all their time attacking me and siding with Obama.

      They have a majority because the voters wanted them to fight Obama and what have they done?
      Failure theater, as Ace says.
      Throwing me fish to get me to slap my fins together and honk my squeezy bulb horn I say.

      Perhaps I am committing a sin of omission, but that’s better, in my mind, to committing a sing of commission by voting for people who are destroying our nation.

      They are happy with $trillion+ deficits each and every year, that it utterly unsustainable and yet, the fiscally conservative GOP is okay with that.

      We be boned.

  4. Leonard Jones says:

    Do not get me wrong, I am no fan of RINO’s! I believe the proper course of
    action is to vote the fuckers out of office and replace them with genuine conservatives.
    The context of the question was not what the GOP could do for Malkin, it was
    more like if the GOP could wave a magic wand and turn every elected Republican
    into Ronald Reagan. All I am saying is there is an unhealthy and self destructive
    element in this single issue absolutist movement that if it is not checked, will
    lead to the destruction of this nation.

    Do not get me wrong, I am as against illegal immigration as Michelle Malkin claims
    ti be, minus the self-serving demagoguery. There is NO need to round up and
    deport millions of illegals. We do NOT need to build a wall. In the closing scene
    of The Battle Of The Bulge, the Nazi’s began the long march back to Germany
    when they ran out of gas.

    I do not be highly educated. But I do be in the upper two percent according to the
    psychiatrist who administered my IQ test back when I was 14. I wanted to establish
    accounts with Ebay and Amazon, but I was concerned with security issues. So I
    went to a local check cashing joint and set up a prepaid debit card. The chick
    behind the glass started scratching her head (Probably trying to find my name
    in a sea of Hispanic surnames.) It was then that I saw the image of Nazis
    marching back to the German border. (For me, thoughts and ideas are often
    translated to images)

    We already have laws that, if enforced would solve the problem. (eVerify and
    employer sanctions) The only thing missing is two lines of code that would
    return one simple answer: Is Juan Gonzales the legitimate owner of the
    Social Security number you entered, yes/no?

    I live in Southern California. This place would be a fucking ghost town within
    two weeks of the enactment of a one or two page plain English law. I have to
    go back to my assertion that what we need to defeat the leftist pricks and the
    RINO’s is to vote them out of office. The only body that can solve this problem
    is the legislature. Preventing RINO’s from being elected president, is going
    to going to get you a one party state. America is not a monarchy! This is
    one dimensional thinking at it’s worst.

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