We’ll know if we can trust the next asshole by whether or not they go after Obamacare and/or the immigration crap. i.e. the reasons they won the last election.

When I asked my magic 8-ball what to expect, it said “All signs point to you’re an idiot for even asking that fucking question. Of course they won’t do shit. Moron.”


Since I’m not posting much, my new job is kicking my ass, I’ll leave you with a horrible pun (It was that or a mime. You’re welcome.)

I talk about math to groups of people, my left eye was blinded 33 years ago so it doesn’t track very well with the other one anymore, the blind one is wide open while the good one squints.

What that means is that if I’m talking to someone more than 5 feet away, he or she looks over her or his shoulder because they can’t tell where I’m looking.

It’s annoying to me and that person. It’s not anybody’s fault (except the guy who hit me with the ski pole), but it’s still very annoying.

So now I wear an eye patch.

Since I teach math, I figured I’d go with a bad pun.

i patch


I’m mostly hoping I don’t run into a mathematician who slaps me in the face for that.


  1. HayZeus says:

    So now I wear an eye patch.

    Huh. Though I gotta say I love the statement, I never pictured you with an eyepatch. And you just let this slide on the 19th just like every other year. You’re missing out on a great opportunity! 😛

    PS: I’m eagerly awaiting your latest slow Joementum post. I fully expect the Hillary/Creepy Joe photoshop to be prominently included.

  2. Pffffft. Imaginary numbers. You’re just trying to see how many of the kids are paying attention? Makes it easier when target shooting though. No need to worry about which eye is dominant. And makes for some really realistic Halloween costumes, I’ll bet!

  3. veeshir says:

    I only wear it when I’m teaching, it just gets very annoying when people keep looking over their shoulder when I talk to them.

    Yeah WN, I’m ‘lucky’ it was the left eye, otherwise shooting would be much harder.

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