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We’ve been watching our gov’t demonize everybody who thinks the Constitution actually is designed as a constraint on gov’t as we’ve been watching them kiss the ass of people who hate Amerikkka or who are not Americans.

Case in point.

To prohibit Executive agencies from using the derogatory term alien to refer to an individual who is not a citizen or national of the United States

They’ll call me a terrorist because I think we’ve been Taxed Enough Already, but they cannot accurately label foreigners. f


You know, I’m becoming more and more of a Trump fan. He’ll gum up the works and make it too hard for Minitrue to hide the fact that the Presidency of the United States has become a fucking joke and a disgrace to our nation.

Let it burn. SMOD is taking its sweet time, the zombie apocalypse is pretty unlikely and watching the gov’t slink along toward a fascist-nannarchy is going to be freaking ugly.

H/T AliceH, who apparently does still read the intertubes.


As an aside, yes I’m watching SyFy right now and I love the Wraith.

If Hollywood is going to butcher a movie by making a remake, they can do that one. And they can do it channeling their inner “I hate white-Amerikkans” by making the bad guys all white guys with Gadsden Flags and the good guys can be black or Orienta…..Asian. No, not Indian-Asian or Kazakh-Asian or Turkish-Asian or Muslim-Asian or… well, you know which Asians.


Nother aside, it’s funny talking to 10-12 year olds and finding out all the words that have become unwords. Not a one of them know what the word “Remedial” means.



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No links, just an observation about the priorities of our nation.

Michael Vick tortures dogs to get them to fight and loses as a QB.

Tim Tebow sincerely prays and wins his games.


Vick can always get a job in the NFL, Tebow is hounded out of town.

What the hell does that say about our civilization?

We deserve the boning we’re headed for.

Via the Puppy Blender, we see Stephen Green noting that Obama isn’t all there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Obama has a clue about what the real world is like, he’s so steeped in marxist, chicago-machine ‘thinking’ that he cannot understand what the hell is going on in the world or that what he’s doing is practically guaranteeing a bunch of wars.

What I am saying is that any cure is worse than the disease of Obama.

Vodkapundit quotes section 4 of the 25 amendment to the Constitution

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.


Get that? If Obama’s too stupid to function as POTUS, the solution is President Joe Biden.

So then we have it all to do over, and over and over until we get to President…..ummmmm…. who the hell in the chain of command is competent?

We’ve elected as feckless, willfully ignorant and out-of-touch a group of incompetents as anybody outside of a Mel Brooks movie could.

We could spend the next 10 years getting rid of POTUSES until we get to….I don’t know, President Puppy Blender or President FrnakJ (I’m not exactly sure if bloggers are in the chain of command, but we can only hope).

The asteroid, alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse are our only viable solutions and would be much less painful than the world war and societal collapse we have bearing down on us.

Is nearly impossible in the time of Minitrue.

In June, I linked this story that noted that the official US debt hadn’t increased in months.

90 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

So where’s the debt clock now?

$18,4 trillion

In other words, instead of the around $20 trillion where it should be considering the way it’s moved in the Age of Obama, we’re a $trillion and a half lower.

Each year we’ve gone up more than a trillion, the continuing spending resolutions have not cut any spending so we’re at least around $20 trillion and could be even higher.

Minitrue and Foxnews are uninterested in this. Minitrue because they don’t want to cause waves for their god-president, Foxnews to protect the establishment pricks in the GOP who are perfectly okay with running up ridicudebt.


As an aside, who the fuck cares about the latest Hillary email scandal? Piling more on is worse than useless, it’s just noise anymore as Minitrue frames it as “The GOP is going after Hillary over her emails…..again!”


Knowing the wrong things is worse than being wrong these days.

Demonizing Americans against the socialization and racially increasing debt we’re incurring all while running away from the rest of the world is really scaring me too.

The more they demonize people like me, the less ill-informed Americans will care when the EPA, Social Security, NOAA or the fucking NASA SWAT team come for me.

Not Paying Attention

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According to this Rassmussen Poll, more Americans think America is losing the war on terror than think we’re winning, 46%-26%.

The problem, of course, is that those LIVs think we’re actually still fighting the War on (Some) Terror.

We’re now just trying to look as if we’re fighting it as we retreat across the globe.

I know who is paying attention, the rest of the non-EUnuchstanian world.


Via Ace, we see this Minitrue outlet (the Hill) claim the Establishment pricks in the GOP are going to have to, more in sorrow than anger, ally with the Dems to keep the less intelligent from making the wrong choice.

Republicans may be forced to solicit Democratic help to break their Speaker stalemate, Rep. Charlie Dent (R) said Thursday.

I saw today how they’re tall talking about Paul Ryan, the man who had so much promise and then joined Mitt and went full establishment.


So are we seeing the beginning of Jerry Pournelle’s dystopian future with the formation of the Unity Party? With the further segregation of the populace (We Teh Peepul) into Taxpayer and Citizen on the horizon.

I wouldn’t mind it so much if only we had the Alderson drive, but we’re stuck on this planet.

That sucks.

Also via Ace, this Hot Air piece about how the ‘moderates’ are the ones causing chaos. They don’t want to lose power so they’ll do what they have to do to keep it.

In This Corner

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We have Iran, Syria, Russia and…. Egypt?

Russia has been seeking Egyptian coordination and support for its “counterterror” efforts on behalf of the Bashar al-Assad regime, according to a Kuwaiti daily.

“Preparations are being made to organize a visit by a Syrian security delegation, under the auspices of Russia, to meet a number of Egyptian security officials,” Al-Jarida reported Friday.


You know there’s some funny in there.

“The task of the delegation is to obtain Cairo’s support in combating terrorism,” a high-level Egyptian source told the daily.


Not really combating all terrorism, just the ‘terrorism’ that’s fighting Iranian terrorism.

And of course, the damn, dirty Joooooooos.

Obama’s legacy is not just losing wars we’ve already won, he has a sideline in ceding our victories to other nations like fucking Russia while making the world a less safe place.

Insert Witty Title Here

Posted: October 6, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah

Man, I just cannot figure out the title for this one, but I know it needs a post.

The only thing I could think of was “Buh?”

For a fee, NAPSA says it will preserve your tattoos through a chemical process that produces non-toxic pieces safe to handle. NAPSA will provide your children, grandchildren and others you designate as beneficiaries pieces of you in ornate frames they can display on the walls of their homes.


Seriously? You expect me to put your tramp stamp on my wall?


Still nowhere near as endy as the idea that Joe Fucking Biden has a realistic shot at becoming POTUS, but almost as funny.

Via Dave Barry who used, “Try to imagine their gratitude”


Agreeing With The Times

Posted: October 4, 2015 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah

First, I’m not linking that hatebait article (as Ace called it) about what it means to be a modern man, but I will agree with it.

That’s what modern men are. pantywaist metrosexuals whose hearts flutter at actually have to act like a man.

As Ace said long ago, a symptom is how supposed adults do not drink adult drinks, they drink sweet crap. Coffee has become mocha, caramel, candy-ccino. Adults no longer drink brown liquor, unless it’s Fireball. Cocktails are now sickly-sweet appletinis, something made with UV candy-flavored vodka or sweet rum.

There are men left, but they’re the minority anymore when most of the ‘men’ are raised in a culture where being a boy is a mental-disorder. Or at least, that’s the way it looks to me after living in mostly lefty areas. In AZ, I’ve seen more men. Except where I live. Apache Junction is the joke of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. I drove a taxi at night here and I saw a lot of coyotes and tweakers. 30 year old ‘men’ with multiple kids not working, just doing drugs. My neighbor, whose parents pay his rent, whores out his wife to the local meth dealer for their fix. She’s the one who was having a kid because she doesn’t collect social security anymore, they took the kid as soon as it was born. She was tweaking while pregnant. So sad.

That’s the reasons why so many millenials are still living at home, they’re either drug addicts or they’re too busy with X-box, fantasy-football and making sure they go out drinking Friday and Saturday night to actually get a job that might cut into World of Warcraft time.


The second thing I agree with the NY Times, if not its readership, is this article on recycling. linked by John Tierney at the Puppy Blender’s.

In 1996, I wrote a long article for The New York Times Magazine arguing that the recycling process as we carried it out was wasteful. I presented plenty of evidence that recycling was costly and ineffectual, but its defenders said that it was unfair to rush to judgment. Noting that the modern recycling movement had really just begun just a few years earlier, they predicted it would flourish as the industry matured and the public learned how to recycle properly.

So, what’s happened since then? While it’s true that the recycling message has reached more people than ever, when it comes to the bottom line, both economically and environmentally, not much has changed at all.


Most recycling costs more in energy than making the thing new would. Plastic bags are not bad and paper is a renewable resource. Paper companies have been in business for a century or more, they know they have to plant as many trees as they use or they’ll be out of business.

Oh well, we are in a time when actually knowing anything is bad, believing the currently popular fad is much more important and  a social good.

Like when Stephen Den Beste tried to explain why alternative energy crap was a scam, as soon as someone declares they’re saving the planet you must believe them, support them and even lie for them.

They’re saving the planet after all.

So… Veeshir wholeheartedly agreeing with the NY Times Funniest End of Civilation Ever! material?

You bet, but even if not, I’d practice keeping a straight face while you give your “Repenting Your Sins” speech just in case. It won’t work if you burst out laughing or even smile as you reminisce.


For The Boss

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Via Say Uncle, we have the most tacticool pistol of all time: The Bren Ten.


From the article

Unfortunately, a combination of production quality problems, inadequate magazine design, preorders, and other issues led to the company quickly falling into tough financial straights. The guns were only manufactured for about 2 years before bankruptcy ended production. Some had been shipped without magazines, and Bren Ten magazines remain a sought-after commodity today.

Shaving is, of course, optional.