Giving ISIS what they want

Posted: January 2, 2016 by socklessjoe in Bipartisan FAIL, Islam - a religion of tolerance and peace, Mideast Madness, Obama's Fault, Uncategorized

Every once in a while some talking head says that ISIS wants a fight with the West and we shouldn’t give it to them.

As if we had a real choice in the matter.

ISIS’s raison d’être is an apocalyptic confrontation with the non-muslim world. They’re not going to stop terrorizing, beheading, raping, enslaving, and committing genocide until they get their all-out final battle.

No, political talk of trying to see whether sand will glow in the dark probably isn’t a good general election message.  But neither is, “eh, we can handle a few terrorist attacks a year and tolerate an islamo-nazi death cult state in the Middle East.”

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    I have to flagellate myself every time I think of her, but there was a beautiful
    17 year old hostess at my favorite restaurant here in Southern California.
    Carmina never saw me without a book, newspaper or magazine when I
    patronized her place of employment.

    On September 12 2001, I stopped in for dinner. She immediately began asking
    me questions about the events the day before. On occasion, I pointed her in the
    right direction when she had to do (Say an essay on Theodore Roosevelt for
    instance.) She thought of me as a middle aged sage of some kind, yet I was
    no more than average for someone who began his education in the early

    One question still rings in my noggin every time I think of 9-11. “What happens
    next?” I replied that we were about to witness the beginning of World War III.
    She then asked “Who do you think will win?” Thinking about the much vaunted
    and experienced jungle fighters (The Japanese,) I gave her an evil grin and
    and said “Who do you think?”

    I understood that this world war would be both inevitable, and conventional
    in nature. I stand by this prediction because there is no way to avoid the
    fact that these cockroaches have to be exterminated. The rest of the
    civilized world (Include the Frogs,) simply cannot permit their children
    being blown to pieces in schools or restaurants. The shit is going to
    get real serious real fast, if just a few more of these attacks occur.

    If the supporters of the Walter Mitty soldiers of Allah shield them, we simply
    go back to WWII rules of engagement and wipe out entire city blocks. They
    will stop supporting them in a hurry. I missed Vietnam because the draft
    ended just before my birthday. But I read lots of stories about all the
    cases where kids playing in the street scattered every time the shit was
    about to hit the fan. EVERYBODY in the area always knows who the
    players are in any guerrilla war. Make it clear that the bombs make no
    distinction between terrorists and those who support them.

    Israel could rid herself of the terrorist threat in a weekend, if they took the
    gloves off. The entire civilized world is awakening. And do not rule out
    the Euroweenies. Their socialist leaders are about to hit the unemployment
    line if they do not take national security seriously. Even the Frogs will
    act. Remember, 90,000 of them died fighting the Nazi invaders. It
    was not lack of courage that doomed them, it was a failure of both
    the military and political leadership and archaic strategies like
    static defenses.

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