Posted: February 17, 2016 by veeshir in This Is My BOOMSTICK!

Or VaporWare? I know which way I’m hoping.

The last Auto Mag was assembled in 1982. We purchased all the assets and rights to the Auto Mag from the Sanford family in mid 2015. We are currently in the process remaking the Auto Mag. We intend to keep the best of the old, but at the same time addressing many issues that the true lovers of the Auto Mag have wanted to be dealt with from day one. We are in the process of connecting with the people that have a true passion for this pistol. We call these people our “Auto Mag Ambassadors”. We want your IN PUT on The New Auto Mag. Over the next months this site will share our progress. Connect with us by subscribing to our mailing list and becoming become part of the team. We would like to get a profile of your interest(s) and an indication of prefered level of communication. Unless you tell us you want to be contacted you will not hear from us. Thank-you for optining in to our list we will respect your privacy.

A new .44 Automag for a new day.

It’s purty too.


Via Uncle.

  1. Silas Marner says:

    Isn’t this the weapon that Mack Bolan used in the Seventies to deal a swift and terrible revenge upon the U.S. Cosa Nostra?

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