Posted: February 26, 2016 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL, GOP Win!, Notes on the Revolution

Inspired by HeyZeus

I actually listened to much of the debate last night, my neighbor had his TV on pretty loud and I was on my porch enjoying the fine weather.

I do not watch those things because I get sick of the lies coming out of their mouths. I just can’t take it. I’ve tried to watch debates once in a while, since Ronnie Raygun, but I just cannot.

It seemed to me that pretty much everybody on stage was going after Trump.

I found could actually listen to Trump and Cruz speak.

Rubio not so much. I kept wanting to call him a liar. He was trying to answer without answering, Cruz and Trump were answering.

Trump looked small, to me, when he said something about a “Choker and liar.”

That’s cheap, punk-ass shit.

I liked Cruz going after Trump. He baited him on Libya and got him. He then used that to respond to the “Liar” thing with a prime example happening Live! On TV!. He got Trump on being on the side of Hillary, Bill, Kerry and Obama. I didn’t listen the whole time, did he also tie Trump to our betters in Congress? Specifically, Reid and McConnell.

Not sure how it’s gonna play out, but I just can’t see Rubio winning. He’d play ‘Good Loser’ even better than McCain.

I’m even more for Cruz. He’s been fighting everybody in Congress from the inside.

Now he fights from the White House. Loses against the combined chubby fists of ReidMcConnellPelosiBoehner and then, McConnell and Boehner get primaried and we get a Ron Paul Congress. I’d be for him running again to chair the finance committee (Back To The Gold Standard!!!!).

In the ensuing world-wide depression/war, we get our house in order and then go see what happened.

We have our own oil and we can make our own stuff in the meantime.

We used to after all.

  1. HayZeus says:

    Not sure how it’s gonna play out, but I just can’t see Rubio winning. He’d play ‘Good Loser’ even better than McCain.

    Though I totally agree, to me the scenario that’s hardest to imagine is one in which Hillary! actually wins the election. I know all of the business about the built-in democrat advantage and all that but anyone that watches her for five minutes knows she’s an abysmal candidate and with the party in disarray, turnout depressed and her lack of Obamaness I just can’t see it happening for her even though my brain tells me that the yet-to-occur fendiness of this year will determine who wins in ’16, not any of the usual BS.

    Also, if we’re looking for a candidate with actual principles, Cruz is the only game in town.

  2. HayZeus says:

    Well there’s always the Libertarian candidate…

    Stop laughing!

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