Posted: March 16, 2016 by veeshir in Random Crap

Meh I say.

I just don’t see any scenario where we’re not boned, I’m not even watching the primaries, who cares?  Nobody can do shit with where we are now, so it just doesn’t matter anymore. We’re years past any possible, non-rioting/anarchy solution.

SMOD is still our best, non-zombie-apocalypse solution to our present, in debt up to the eyeballs of the guy standing on the shoulders of the guy standing on our shoulders, situation.

Sooner or later we are not going to be able to pay our debts, so which ones will they blow off? Social security? Food stamps? Welfare? Disability? VA benefits? Huge, gov’t retiree pensions? All of them? Will we go out like the USSR? One day everybody wakes up and the US gov’t is gone?

Maybe we could declare war on China and the EU and tell them we don’t owe them money any more. That’ll cut some of the debt, but probably not enough.

Eh, the only suspense is how the boning starts, so a little local interest post.

I have never seen or even thought about a tree/cactus hybrid, but last weekend I went camping and saw, I think, two. Certainly one.

This looks like a random tree from a distance, you can see leaves near the bottom and a branch branching off along the ground, most trees in AZ seem to have soft wood so the branches either break when they get bit, Palo Verde, or they just travel along the ground, as in this, unnamed, tree.

IMG_20160313_094120 at the top you see IMG_20160313_094054

Pretty darn freaky. It’s a tree half-way up and then it’s a cactus.

I think is an even more extreme example where the barrel or saguaro cactus died or something.

IMG_20160311_180241Notice the light brown thingsIMG_20160311_180256

My buddy thinks that’s what inside cactus so it must have been a cactus growing out of a tree. Weird. It’s certainly not what’s inside that tree (I don’t know the name, I only know Palo Verde because the person I asked knew).

I have been thinking of getting an El Camino for a long time, at one point I wanted a Ranchero so I could put the drive train from my Mustang in it and I was going to get a bigger engine for the Mustang, but alas, I quit my cushy gov’t job and can’t afford it anymore.

So today my buddy said he was a nice El Camino cheap and I should check it out.

He lied, it was a GMC Caballero.


I got it for $3K from a dealer. Whoever had it douched it out, 350 Carter 4bbl carb (I might get a Holly instead), Edelbrock air filter, Flowmasters, some deluxe Kenwood stereo that plays DVDs, 225/55/ZR16s on the front, 255/55/ZR16s on the rear. It even has clutch lock up (it’ automatic, my motor head buddy explained it, something to do with bad shifting in GMs)

The carb needs adjusting, it needs a rear view mirror and a spare tire, but I’m happy as can be. I’ve always wanted one and now I have one.

I was going to get a cheap Honda or something old to save the miles on my Mustang (it’s in the 90s now), but c’mon, it’s a Ranche….El Camin….Caballero!!!!!!

My Birthday is this weekend so I’m considering it a birthday present to myself. My aunt (Nee of Hinee), was the only one who still even sent me a card so this will be a cardless birthday. At least it not a carless birthday, so I have that going for me.

  1. The Neon Madman says:

    I was out your way for a week with the wife over New Year’s. Spent a day hiking in Lost Dutchman State Park. Nice country at that time of the year, but I wouldn’t be able to take the summer heat. Maybe some year I’ll be able to do a week long backpack camping trip.

    • Veeshir says:

      That’s about 4 miles from me.
      I can take 100+ for a few months better than a few months of snow and cold. You don’t shovel heat and my a/c takes a minute to blow cold whiile heat takes 20 minutes on a cold day.

  2. HayZeus says:

    I’ve been with you WRT the inevitable boneration and that was before Trump and Hillary! were the de facto candidates of our two respective robber political parties, regardless of their level of success in papering over the intra-party differences. Gotta say though that the GOP floating the idea that the delegates can vote for whomever they please and the voter be damned is a great dose of fendy for the day.

    PS: Happy upcoming birthday. Don’t make us hyperlink some e-cards up in here! 😛

    • veeshir says:

      I’m rooting for the GOP to do that. Let’s just get right to them combining with the establishment Dems to form the We’re Better and Smarter Than You Party.

      There are a couple scenarios where they could get Cruz instead of Trump in a non-slimy manner (like if Trump is short of the necessary number so all the others people’s electors vote for Cruz or something).

      I do not expect them to do that.

      I’m leaning more toward them trying something exceedingly slimy to ram Romney or Jeb! down our throats.

      Hell, I’d be pissed off if they slimingly install Cruz (who is my current favorite since Walker split).

      I will say that I am not sure that it will be Trump!/Hillary!.

      As I said, I can see the GOP being extra-slimy and the Obama being regularly slimy and having the DOJ indict HIllary at the last minute so they need a candidate Right Now!!!!!! so he tries to make it M’Shell.

      I’m telling you, I’m starting to look forward to that.
      Although, an election between two !s would be pretty darn funny.

      As for e-cards, when I used to Facebook, (and Myspace and whatever was before that) I told them my birthday was 2/29/1964 so I would only get the automated e-cards once every 4 years.
      Of course now they tell people the day before that your b-day is coming up so that plan was shot to hell.

      • HayZeus says:

        Everyone I know is at some degree of FREAKING over the idea that Trump might even be the actual Republican candidate, let alone president. Me? Pass the popcorn and keep the fendy coming! I mean, if we’re gonna get bread and circuses regardless of what we’re supposedly voting for or against I might as well enjoy myself, amirite?

        AWESOME call on the birthday thing, btw. Good thinking!

  3. roger says:

    Once upon a time, we would’ve blown the international debts because, what could they do? against the worlds only superpower. Now that we have thrown that away I suspect screwing Americans is the preferred path because, what can we do?

    • veeshir says:

      Well, the question is really, what can they do?

      Sure, we’re boned, but the rest of the world is exponentially more boned,.

      So we do have that going for us.

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