It’s For (some of) The Children!!!

Posted: March 23, 2016 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah

As we watch our social, moral, political and intellectual betters start to figure out that Obama is a feckless asshole who’s made the world a less-safe place, let’s get some chuckles.

Rhode Island Is Working Hard For Teh Children!!!!!!!

State lawmakers are debating a bill that would punish parents for leaving a child younger than 7 alone in a car. They’ve also proposed legislation to ban kids under 10 from being home alone and older kids from being home alone at night. (emphasis me V)


Well, some children.

17-year-old daughter …could not operate a power saw, work on ladders or even pump gas. The state also regulates how many hours and times of day minors can work….

…girls as young as 16 …working as strippers, as long as they are home by 11:30 p.m.…(sputter V)…

..Rhode Island law would allow teens to turn to prostitution…

…But a 16-year-old cannot drive without an adult in the car, and those under 18 cannot buy pornography or alcohol. It is also illegal to photograph or film minors in sexually suggestive ways. …



I have been thinking about a post on hubris discussing how pre-Philip-II-of-Macedon Greek and Persian civilizations had some serious ridiculosities and that there were some at-least-as-funny ends of civilization as ours as related by Greek historians like Herodotus and Zenophon (as soon as I finish re-reading Herodotus), but really, I’m not sure if I can make that assertion anymore.


30 Second Later Update!!!!!

Forgot the Kago Getting Comfy picIMG_20160323_102840

  1. HayZeus says:

    The reality of the fendy, it cannot be made up. It is inevitably far more ridiculous than the its parodies.

    Another great dog pic, btw. If it were any normal dog, that’d be nuts but it looks like it just goes with the territory when it comes to Kagogi.

    • veeshir says:

      I’m still trying to decide if a curfew for hookers is funnier or endier.

      I must have edited out the bit about how in CA it’s legal for a 12-year-old to get an abortion without parental consent but not to get fries with her Happy Meal.

      I’m not sure how more obviously, hilariously, doomed we can be.

      Yeah, Kagogi The Destroyer is basically invulnerable. It’s funny the way he ignores the cactus, he’s not leaning into it or shying away from it, it’s as if it’s just another tree.

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