Information or Affirmation?

Posted: April 2, 2016 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

The Wash Post always go for affirmation even as they pretend to give information.

Hell, as we can see below, they give affirmation to refute the information they occasionally do provide.


First up, we have the Puppy Blender linking the Investor’s Business Daily linking the Wash Post.

First, IBD

The Post deserves credit for devoting so much space to summing the entire saga up. And for exposing something the reporter and his editors probably never intended: The media’s negligence as the scandal unfolded.

While the New York Times was the first national media outlet to write about Clinton’s use of a private email account last March, the Post summation makes clear that the mainstream press had almost nothing to do with uncovering the truth or advancing the story (emphasis me V).


Reading the Wash Post article is an amusing blend of information, telling about how the things she did that she was not supposed to do, and affirmation, telling you that Clinton was all innocent and just wanted to do her job as best she could.

This bit cracked me up.

For Clinton, this was frustrating. As a political heavyweight…


If they keep repeating it, maybe everyone will believe that Clinton is a political heavyweight instead of a political scumbag whose foreign policy legacy is Libya becoming part of Greater Isistan.

Now, the Stuart Smalley finale from Ruth Marcus of the Wash Post.

This may sound strange coming from someone who doesn’t expect Hillary Clinton to be indicted and doesn’t think she should be…


Of course not. More

Either Clinton is charged with a crime for mishandling classified information on her private server — an outcome, this group (haters who email her V) thinks, that should be devastatingly obvious to anyone with half a brain.


Which group does not include Ruth Marcus. She even links a Wash Post article about some of the emails that has the ignorant haters upset.

For this crowd, there is no outcome here that contemplates independent, sober-minded prosecutors looking at the facts and the law and reaching a contrary conclusion.

Mmmm, that’s good affirmation.

Our media betters are doing their best to destroy the American experiment in self-rule.


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