Quick!!! Plant More Trees!!!

Posted: April 8, 2016 by veeshir in Democratic morality, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

That’s where we get money, right?

Senators don’t think our ridicudebt is a big deal.

That article is aimed at Dem senators, but really, the GOP is no better.

Some very scary quotes from some of our super-intelligent Dem senators.

“A realistic discussion about it, and accepting expert opinion that this debt that we have is not actually right now a threat to our country,

So more debt than GDP is no biggie.

Lest you think the Dems don’t want to cut gov’t, you know they love cutting gov’t.

The part of the gov’t that keeps people from killing me.

Markey suggested that nuclear weapons represent one of the top targets for such debt reduction. “There’s a proposal to [spend] $1 trillion of new nuclear weapon systems in our country over the next 20 years,”

A $trillion over 20 years? That’s less than they’re planning on spending on upgrading Senate bathrooms.

A little perspective

“To use your number: If we’re talking about spending $1 trillion over 20 years on nuclear systems, we’re talking in 10 years about spending over $1 trillion a year on Medicare. The spending that’s driving the debt will not be defense. It’s going to be entitlements. Let’s not kid ourselves.”

This one shows their priorities

Markey didn’t dispute those figures, but he said it’s politically impractical to cut Medicare.


Not right or wrong, but politically impractical.

Lest you think they don’t feel our pain….

I don’t want you to leave with the impression that the Democratic side of this committee is insensitive to the deficit. We’re not,” said Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin, the ranking Democrat on the panel. “I think Democrats are very concerned that there be adequate revenues in order to be able to make the investments that we think are important for the growth of our nation.”


Cutting entitlements is out, squeezing more blood from our stones is on the agenda.


Not really related, just very fucking funny.  The Pope invited Bernie Sanders to visit, hilarity ensues.

Sanders will discuss how to incorporate morality into the global economy.

Heh. When commies talk about “Morality” it always means killing those not fully approving of their agenda.


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Are we gonna need lamas in here?

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