Posted: May 15, 2016 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault

The some intell folks are“concerned” over what’s happening in Venezuela.

expressed doubt that unpopular leftist President Nicolas Maduro would allow a recall referendum this year, despite opposition-led protests demanding a vote to decide whether he stays in office.

    But the two officials, briefing a small group of reporters in Washington, predicted that Maduro, who heads Latin America’s most ardently anti-U.S. government and a major U.S. oil supplier, was not likely to be able to complete his term, (emphasis me V)

So Maduro is going to step down?

Let’s look back.

in 2013

There are two main guys under Chavez, Cabello who’s in charge of the military wing of Chavez’ dictatorship, and Maduro who’s in charge of the civilian side, I’d suggest that means, secret police. Hmmm, a civil war between the secret police and the military. Should be interesting. It’s not as if Venezuala provides anything important on the international stage like iPods or Xboxes.


Now, of course, the opposition guy was murdered, so the geniuses in our gov’t are trying to explain how the secret policeman and the military thug are going to step down.

For the good of the country.

in 2014

bold is quote from the linked article, rest is me from the post V)

“President Obama is sending a lawmaker whose relationship with Hugo Chavez has come under scrutiny in the past to represent the United States at the Venezuelan strongman’s funeral on Friday.”

The only way I read that is Obama’s letting whoever takes over Chavez’ thugocracy know he’s got their back.



He’s on the side of whoever hates America the most in the region. Right now, that’s Venezuela.

More from .2014.

So the secret policeman won without having to kill the military guy so it’s slimy and brutal but Obama always sides against the democracy folks and Journolist knows what their Teleprompter Jesus wants so ignore it they will.


As I wrote at the time, Obama is very damn transparent.


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