Petite Lap Press

Posted: May 30, 2016 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Obama's Fault

So some Obama-phile/ “journalist” had an OP-Ed in the WSJ talking about why Obama is being treated differently from  previous presidents.

… Mr. Obama is able to avoid being a target is that he is a deft manipulator of the media, probably more skillful at it than any president ever. He heads a savvy public-relations machine that markets him like a Hollywood celebrity, a role he obligingly and successfully plays. One of the machine’s key tactics is to place Mr. Obama in as many positive news and photo situations as possible….

Yet at the same time we were seeing those nice photos, videos and articles, a lot of other important stuff was going on where Mr. Obama was hardly mentioned, seen or questioned. For example, the U.S. economy grew at a meager 0.5% in the first quarter of 2016; Russian military planes lately have been buzzing U.S. Navy ships; and China is building its military forces and expanding their reach in the South China Sea. Early in May, a Navy SEAL was killed in Iraq (the president has assured the American public that U.S. troops there, increasing in numbers, are not in combat roles). Islamic State terrorist attacks in Baghdad in recent weeks have killed scores of civilians. The Taliban are on the march in Afghanistan. The vicious war in Syria continues. The Middle East refugee crisis shows no sign of diminishing. Military provocations by Iran and North Korea keep coming.



So what is the savvy public-relations machine he heads?

One of the news media’s main jobs is to hold public officials accountable, from the president on down. But Mr. Obama is the beneficiary of news-media managers and reporters who mostly like his style and agree with his policies…

Given such a congruence of opinion, Mr. Obama’s policies don’t receive the scrutiny and analysis they should. Reporters who criticize or dig too deep are cast by the administration as spoilsports or, worse, cut off from sources….

They’re proud of it.

Today’s “journalists” didn’t get into the business to know the “real story” or any of the things journalists used to want, today’s crop of assholes got into the business to ‘change the world’.

They have to “frame” stories so the hoi polloi don’t get the wrong ideas.

Here, this idiot explains the biggest not-related-to-GOP-establishment-prick reasons why we have Trump.

With Donald Trump now the media obsession—and most in the media don’t like him—it is easy to see why Mr. Obama’s performance over the past seven-plus years is still not a major issue in the 2016 campaign. And that’s the way he likes it.

When I’m living in my cave, burning my books to cook the dog, I hope I run into a whole bunch of these “journalists”.

Hey, coyotes gotta eat too.


30 seconds later update!!!!!!

I found my spirit animal!!! I’m a  tiger!!!!

me as a tiger

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