First, I love the URL, it’s wasted as the people who think gun-free zones are actually gun-free are impervious to reality.

Shooting stats in gun-free Chicago are messed up.

Shot & Killed: 61
Shot & Wounded: 335
Total Shot: 396
Total Homicides: 64

That’s May, 2016.  In gun-free Chicago.

I love this graphic


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love what it’s showing, I love how it’s shown and the title. Chalkie. Heh.

Check out the whole thing, it’s chock full of messed up stuff in an unholy alignment of gun-free stupidity and the Ferguson Effect.

 Via Paco.


Coupla unrelated things.

Wisdmo From FrnakJ



Nother thing.

Recall I was all happy about my 79 Caballero


Now I’m sorta happy and pretty unhappy.

I got it at Ideal Cars in Apache Junction, AZ.

Don’t buy anything from those scumbag assholes.

It didn’t have a spare, I noticed a few days after I bought it, they claimed they were going to get me one but finally, after  few weeks of calling them every few days, I got one myself (I also had to get a jack and lug wrench), I know I should have checked, but who thinks of a spare tire when you’re looking at a car? I actually got a Krieger that matched the REVolution wheels, but I didn’t like buying stuff that should have been in it.The stock jack is crap (according to the ‘tubes) so I got a floor jack and a 4-way lug wrench.

I also didn’t realize that the wheels on the Caballero matched the wheels on my Mustang (also pictured), except the Mustang has 18″ while the Caballero has 16″ (upped from the stock 14″), that’s kind of cool.

I did check the oil before I bought it, it looked decent and it was full, and there were no leak stains under it.

Turns out, it had bad rings and bearings so it burned 5 quarts of oil after 2,000 miles. It had a 1,500 mile, 2 week warranty.

The reason I’m sorta happy, and only sorta unhappy, at being ripped off by some scumbag car dealer is because the body is very tight and I got it cheap, so I called Summit and I have a 430hp/480ft/lbs of torque, 383 Stroker Crank crate engine (with a 750 Holley Carb) on the way.

I’ve wanted an El Camino for a long time, now I have a very tough one. Well, a Caballero, but the only differences are the nameplate stuff.

  1. The Neon Madman says:

    That’s a pretty impressive cactus , there, too. One of the tallest ones I’ve seen. Do you have it braced?

    For the car, well when you buy something that vintage you’re always going to be taking a chance, unless you are paying a collector price to start with or the dealer is one of the very few honest ones.

  2. Veeshir says:

    I mostly agree. I paid maybe $500-1000 too much but I expected an established dealer to be more honest.
    If I had known it had a bad engine I wouldn’t have bought it even for $1000 less. I was looking for a Honda, Mazda or Subaru.
    But since I did I’m not all that upset.
    It’s gonna be a really nice car when I’m done.

  3. imadenier says:

    don’t be sad mr veeshir…

    … it’s national donut day… queue the drooling home simpsonr …

    … that 79 Caballero looks like one sweet ride… i think i still like my miata better…

    • veeshir says:

      I’m not really sad, except for the people stuck in that Dem run hellhole.

      I was actually thinking of getting a Miata. I like those a lot.

  4. hey, you did make it to arizona says:

    i stumbled across a picture from 3 years ago…

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