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94,044,000 Americans are not in the work force.


There are 320 million (or so) Americans in total.

That means nearly a third of all Americans are done looking for work.


Take out the people under 20 and over 70 and you have about 200 million.

Taking out 94 million you get 100+million people working to support the other 200+ million.

Taking out the many underemployed folks who are on food stamps and other gov’t programs and the numbers get even worse.

What can’t go on, won’t. There is no way that less than 1/3 can support the other 2/3s in any sort of decent standard of living.

Can soup lines be far behind?

As an aside, I added the ‘We’re Boned’ category a couple days ago because of how things are going but even I didn’t think I’d use it so soon.


I figure people will say this shows Trump’s true colors.

…he was open to raising the federal minimum wage, breaking with the prevailing view of his party.

“I’m actually looking at that because I am very different from most Republicans,” Mr. Trump said in an interview on CNN’s. “You have to have something that you can live on.”


Joke’s on us.

He has no true colors.

He surely knows how wrong that is for any economy but, like any huckster, he says what he thinks his audience wants to hear.


I am still unsure why I was supposed to pretend that 30 years of watching Trump didn’t happen.

Th election is still interesting and sure to get more so, but I think the endy is on the upswing and teh funny won’t be funny enough.

Important, Metaphorical Update Below!!!!!!!!

I haven’t been posting because really, the news is just depressing. J Effin Kerry and his new “Red Line” that Assad, Putin and the Mad Mullahs will piss on and as for the election, I’m so sick of reading and hearing “Trump” that I can’t even play pinochle anymore.

This story is a perfect metaphor for this phase of the fall of our civilization where the endy is getting a leg up on the funny.

So how much more endy than funny is it out there?

An  Israeli man has petitioned the Haifa Magistrate’s Court for a restraining order against God, claiming the Almighty has been particularly unkind to him.


21st century Job turns from the Almighty.

In other words, Lucifer won a bet against God.

That much more endy than funny.


Important Metaphorical Update!!!!!!

This is how I feel watching the news this year