Important Answering My Question Update Below!!!!!

Now, we’ve all laughed and laughed and cringed at this, the Funniest End Of Civilization Ever, but is it really?

Via Tim Blair, we see an example of Blair’s Law:

If you want to crack a gag at an Islamist open mic night you’ve got to make sure you stick within the guidelines as laid down in the Koran and Hadith. And that means “for humour to be in ­accordance with Islam, the joke should not insult anyone, should not frighten anyone, should be within the limits of Islamic tolerance, should tell the truth, should not be offensive, should not contain un-Islamic material or promote immorality or indecency”.

Sound familiar?

If you substitute PC for Islam in that set of rules you’ve got the rules governing humour as laid down by the progressive Left


I’d dispute one thing, instead of “…substitute PC for Islam…”, I’d write, “…add PC to Islam…”, cuz you know, we can’t insult the Religion of Piece according to the same folks.

Now, the point (yay!)

Blair’s Law:

 Coined by Australian journalist, Tim Blair as “the ongoing process by which the world’s multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force.”
1. The alliance between the radical Left and extremist Islamists is an example of Blair’s Law.


See? This has been brewing for more than a thousand years, so maybe our end of civilization isn’t necessarily the funniest.

My personal opinion is that other ends of civilization had funnier aspects, but ours has the funniest endy ever.

You wanna dispute that? Vice President Joe Biden.

And to top that horrific hilarity, there are influential people who think the best ticket would be President Joe Biden and Vice President Elizabeth Warren. Even Caligula never tried to make Incitatus Emperor with his favorite statue of his sister Vice Emperor.


30 Seconds Later Question I Meant To Ask Originally!!!!!!

How long until, and how will, Minitrue blame the attack in Orlando, and anything else similar, like this attempt in LA, on the Tea Party, the NRA and Emmanuel Goldstein….Donald Trump?

I figure it’s already happened, but I’ve stopped watching the news because I can’t take the defenses of Islam and teleprompter readers saying, “We can’t confirm this but…..” and not stopping at the “but”.


Important, Puppy Blender answers my question update Here!!!!!!


Tom Brokaw: ‘In this County,’ ‘Everything Seems to Get Settled by a Gun.’
ABC Blames Orlando Terror on Election Rhetoric (read Trump V)and Guns in America
AP Calls Orlando Terrorist Massacre ‘Just the Latest Mass Shooting’
Media Matters: “The NRA made anti-LGBT attacks during their annual meeting just weeks ago.”
Yahoo: “Bernie Sanders Just Nailed the Real Culprit Behind the Mass Shooting in Orlando…Sanders explained to Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, the real culprit, according to Sanders, is gun control — or more precisely, lack thereof.”
Kansas City Star Editorial Writer Yael T. Abouhalkah: “Dear God: Today I am so sickened by the evilness of the NRA and gun industry. May their leaders be plunged into ever-lasting hell. Amen.”


No Tea Party links.


  1. imadenier says:

    Bernie says “we should not be selling automatic weapons…” …so… hold on to those puppies and their value will keep rising…

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