The Art Of The Deal

Posted: June 17, 2016 by veeshir in Liberal Fascism, Nanny State, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

Before America the deal between the powerful and the rest of us was: Don’t kill us too much or take all our stuff and we will let you screw our women and go off in mobs with farming implements to fight your wars.

The Founding Fathers changed the deal to the Constitution that boils down to: Don’t steal too much and at least pretend to kiss our asses and we’ll ignore you mostly.

So our fine betters have decided that they are not bound by the deal.

Dem pols talking about getting rid of the second amendment and due process while the IRS is still screwing conservatives years after the “scandal” broke.

And our fine media betters are either ignoring it or egging them on.

So what’s a free people to do when Dems keep getting their fascist on?

Virgin Islands Attorney General (Democrat) Claude Walker subpoenaed Exxon for records regarding dozens of conservative think tanks, policy experts and scientists in March…

Massachusetts Attorney General (Democrat) Maura Healey is now the latest state prosecutor to start investigating conservative groups with supposed ties to ExxonMobil,…(Oh noes!!!!! Ties to Exxon Mobil!!!! V)

New York Attorney General (Democrat) Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into Exxon’s global warming stance in November, based on reporting by liberal journalists at InsideClimate News and Columbia University that Exxon had been covering up climate science for decades while funding right-wing activist groups.

They’re trying to shut us up when we try to get involved in the democratic process (why the GOP has Trump and why Bernie’s peeps could sit out the election and why Dem involvement is way down) they’re trying to take our guns as we’re buying them in record numbers and they’re trying to fleece us all and hugely expand their power with their global warmmongering lies.
Now we have people like the folks the other day with their list of idiotic fees if the fascist bureaucratic assholes wanted to come on their land, and now the guy who told the fascist global warmmonger to  fuck off fascist.

Teh Peepul are not amused and they’re becoming…. restive what with being told they’re all racist/fascist/homophobic/islamophobic, gaia-hating assholes who need to shut up and do what they’re told.

I just really hope everybody waits until I get to AZ, I don’t want to get stuck in an unfree place like NY if shit hits the fan. I really don’t.


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