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Important Update Below!!!!!!

Before WWII, the Belgish king kept explaining to the French and Brits how their preparations for attack by Herr Hitler were all provocative and unnecessary. We know how that ended.

With a bunch of EUnuchs whining at us that we didn’t come over soon enough to fight their war.

In today’s exciting episode, being the funnest end of civilization ever, it’s the Germans saying don’t be all provocative towards an invasiony Tsar Putin I.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has criticised NATO for having a bellicose policy towards Russia, describing it as “warmongering”, the German daily Bild reported.

Steinmeier pointed to the deployment of NATO troops near borders with Russia in the military alliance’s Baltic and east European member states.


Okay, that’s funny. We’ve had the most wimpy foreign policy for years and Germany thinks even rolling over and waving our paws in the air is too provocative.

Not sure if this is on purpose, but it makes me laugh.

“What we should avoid today is inflaming the situation by warmongering and stomping boots,”

Heh. now if only there were a few Germans against stompy boots about 80 years ago.

Which points out that there are two types of people.

People who, if they could go back to the 30s, would kill Hitler to try to stop WWII.

And people who, if they could back to the 30s, would kill Chamberlain and Petain to try to stop WWII.


Important update Here!!!!!

Via Tim Blair, the NY Times clues us in on the real tragedy of the Orlando terrorist attack.

Orlando Killings Rob Young New York Muslims of a Cherished Holiday Respite


Awww, poor guys (not women, it’s Islam after all). And what’s been going on to bother these poor folks?

Ramadan is usually Muhammad’s favorite time. This year, though, the holiday, which encompasses a month of fasting from dawn to dusk, has not offered its usual refuge. Already, Ramadan coincided with the Regents, the series of state tests that most high school students in New York take.

Then on Sunday, a Muslim man born in New York, Omar Mateen, called 911 to proclaim his allegiance to ISIS and opened fire in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.


A difficult test and then some dead infidels. Yeah, I can see how that might ruin the poor guy’s Ramadan. I mean, those Regent’s tests are hard.

They’re going all out to let us know that Muslims are the real victims and we hateful Americans with our guns and flags are the real aggressors.

A Red Hammer

Posted: June 18, 2016 by veeshir in Random Crap

Just like the question about the colored tool, many (most?) people react the same same way to the concept of infinity.

I really like thinking about infinity, I’ve been fascinated by it since I first learned of it.

Plenty of people deny the concept itself. When I mention that, many people often think I’m talking about uneducated types (Tell them it’s turtles all the way down!), but then other people come in and start talking about some hypothetical math and the surface of a sphere and how infinity is impossible.

People do not like infinity. This guy seems to think it’s not possible.

He has 3 questions.

1. Can a number that is finite but very large substitute for infinity?

Depends on who is doing the calculations. If you’re’s an engineer, you could use 10^100 and that would probably be good enough. If you’re a mathematician or a physicist, maybe but probably not.

He writes this

Consider a hypothetical hotel with a countably infinite number of rooms, all of which are occupied. Can it accommodate 1,000 new guests without increasing the number of guests in any of the occupied rooms?


What is “countably infinite”? I’m gonna assume it’s a term by someone who’s afraid of infinity. By definition, ‘infinity’ is not countable. No matter how high you count, you can always count higher. There just aren’t names for some numbers. I’ve named 10 to the 6 trillion (a one with 6 trillion zeroes), a veeshir so if you ever count that high, make sure you use the proper nomenclature.

But if you have an infinite number of rooms, you could add a veeshir more guests and you would have enough rooms for each one  to have an infinite number of rooms. That’s how it works. If you have an infinite number of cars and every 10th car is red, you have the same number of cars as red cars, infinity.

Next question

2. What if there are physical limits to the smallest measurable amount of space?

Umm, what if this question made sense? He mentions the planck length (where quantum physics instead of newtonian physics works) but that’s not related. Now, if you’re going to say the smallest measurable length, you’re going to have to specify the technology. No matter how small a thing is, it can be smaller. If you make 10^-6 trillionth (veeshir^-1) of an inch a rihseevlength, what is 1/2 a rihseevlength? All you are doing is the same as infinity the other way. Now, you might not be able to measure it accurately until your technology is seriously advanced, but you can certainly write 10^-googol inches.

This one’s my favorite

3. How sharp is a geometric focus in the real world?

A more pertinent question: How tall is Bugs Bunny in the real world?

Both are equally valid.

A geometric focus is a mathematical concept, much like infinity and zero. It has no dimensions, by definition. Just as a point has no dimensions. Deal with it.

I say that if you fly at the speed of light (minus a smidgeon) that way (points up at an angle of 43.84 degrees from a tangent line on the Earth going exactly east from Niskayuna, NY) for veeshir to the veeshir years you would still have an infinite distance to travel ahead of you. If there’s something blocking you, what’s on the other side? Don’t talk about the surface of a sphere to me, I live in 3d land, not Flatland.

What I think bothers people the most is how insignificant we are if you think about infinity.

If the universe is 14 billions years old (or whatever they’re saying this year), what was going on 15 veeshir years ago? How about 15 veeshir years in the future?

Will anybody 75 trillion years from now even care that I lived? Well, you. I’m sure they’ll still remember me. I’m planning on being deified after my death.

Before America the deal between the powerful and the rest of us was: Don’t kill us too much or take all our stuff and we will let you screw our women and go off in mobs with farming implements to fight your wars.

The Founding Fathers changed the deal to the Constitution that boils down to: Don’t steal too much and at least pretend to kiss our asses and we’ll ignore you mostly.

So our fine betters have decided that they are not bound by the deal.

Dem pols talking about getting rid of the second amendment and due process while the IRS is still screwing conservatives years after the “scandal” broke.

And our fine media betters are either ignoring it or egging them on.

So what’s a free people to do when Dems keep getting their fascist on?

Virgin Islands Attorney General (Democrat) Claude Walker subpoenaed Exxon for records regarding dozens of conservative think tanks, policy experts and scientists in March…

Massachusetts Attorney General (Democrat) Maura Healey is now the latest state prosecutor to start investigating conservative groups with supposed ties to ExxonMobil,…(Oh noes!!!!! Ties to Exxon Mobil!!!! V)

New York Attorney General (Democrat) Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into Exxon’s global warming stance in November, based on reporting by liberal journalists at InsideClimate News and Columbia University that Exxon had been covering up climate science for decades while funding right-wing activist groups.

They’re trying to shut us up when we try to get involved in the democratic process (why the GOP has Trump and why Bernie’s peeps could sit out the election and why Dem involvement is way down) they’re trying to take our guns as we’re buying them in record numbers and they’re trying to fleece us all and hugely expand their power with their global warmmongering lies.
Now we have people like the folks the other day with their list of idiotic fees if the fascist bureaucratic assholes wanted to come on their land, and now the guy who told the fascist global warmmonger to  fuck off fascist.

Teh Peepul are not amused and they’re becoming…. restive what with being told they’re all racist/fascist/homophobic/islamophobic, gaia-hating assholes who need to shut up and do what they’re told.

I just really hope everybody waits until I get to AZ, I don’t want to get stuck in an unfree place like NY if shit hits the fan. I really don’t.


I NY edition.

The NYS Ass embly and Senate each have the same bill that’s going to Save Us All!!!!!

Enacts the New York State climate and community protection act; relates to climate change; renewable energy program; labor and job standards and worker protection.


It’s going to be the most wonderful Climate Change!!!! Renewable energy!!!!! Labor and Job Standards!!!!! And Worker Protection!!!!! legislation ever!!!!

How will it work?

must reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% below 1990 levels by 2050

In other words, close all factories, office buildings, get rid of all cars and most importantly, get rid of all breathing insects, birds, lizards and mammals, including of course, us. At least they faced reality enough to accept that they can’t get rid of all insects, mammals (like bunny rabbits and rats) and lizards so they’re allowing for that 20%.

So how will that help workers? Why, by 2050 everybody has to leave NY so worker satisfaction will be 100%!!!

They’ll teach reality to be all mean and stuff.

So, you still think my windmill powered airplanes are more stupider than anything else these anti-science fools can think up?


Or: How to push your stupidity on others while dancing in the blood of 100 people.

Dems filibuster for gun control

Meanwhile, in America, Americans, who love freedom and AR-15s, owned by at least 5 millions Americans, and rising quickly the more our fine social, moral, political, intellectual and social betters try to take them, the more we buy them.


  • Gun sales have soared since the tragedy as enthusiast fear the weapons may be banned or restricted in the wake of the massacre
  • Georgia gun shop sold 15 guns an hour yesterday while a Pennsylvania dealer has sold 15,000 semi-automatic weapons since Sunday
  • Smith & Wesson, the Massachusetts-based manufacturer of handguns, shares increased as much as eight per cent the day after the massacre
  • Shares of Connecticut-based Sturm, Ruger & Company saw a more than nine per cent jump in shares on the same day


As our fine betters seem hell-bent on finding out, these people are not buying them to turn them in.

It’s gonna get very endy without any real funny except the inherent funny of people with feelings sending other people with guns to take the guns from other people who just want to be left alone so they can use their guns to put holes in paper.

Goodness without wisdom always accomplishes evil. R. A. Heinlein.

Alternatively, the road to revolution is paved with power-mad politicians supported by panty-waist fools.

I just hope everybody waits until the end of the month when I get back to AZ so I can point and laugh at NYers, and other Dem fiefs, finding out they’ve acted stupidly.


The Road to Orlando was long and full of stupidities and bureaucracisms.

The puppy blender linked and quoted this

“Simply put, any American today who is accused of Islamophobia faces a ruined life with loss of employment and social stigma. Whereas the cost of not preventing mass murder is merely hurt feelings and regret.”

I was going to quote the same thing and write about how that’s so typical of bureaucrats, and why rule by bureaucrat makes us not only less free but less safe, but I won’t.

I’m going to quote this instead.

That said, the FBI’s initial investigation into Mr. Mateen lasted ten months and included placing informants close to him while tapping his phones. This was not just box-checking. The Bureau learned that he was angry and confused, eager to affiliate himself—at least in his own head —with any jihadist groups that were enemies of the United States. He came across as a delusional wannabe, not a bona fide terrorist. Significantly, the FBI concluded that Mateen’s workplace outbursts, which had a pronounced Islamic bent, were caused by “co-workers discriminating against him and teasing him because he was Muslim.”

And say how that’s so typical of bureaucrats, and why rule by bureaucrat makes us not only less free but less safe.

Two specific things.

Primus: they call him a wannabe based on this

eager to affiliate himself—at least in his own head —with any jihadist groups that were enemies of the United States.

That’s where jihadis get many of their reruits. I mean, that is the jihadi hiring pool. Jebus.


FBI concluded that Mateen’s workplace outbursts, which had a pronounced Islamic bent, were caused by “co-workers discriminating against him and teasing him because he was Muslim.”


You see,to our fine bureaucratic betters, all disadvantaged people don’t have free will, they’re just stimulus response so you just have to give them more leeway than some tea party asshole.



Now, I’m as in favor of this as I can be, but who do these people think they are?

I can’t excerpt it, but you really want to read it. Some bureaucracy wanted to search for yellow belly frog darters on their property and they responded in an oh so beautiful way.

But….. now they’ve made fun, widespread fun, of a bureaucracy, a leftist bureaucracy (Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife), and bureaucrats do not have a sense of humor that doesn’t involve screwing over the people they ostensibly serve.

I expect all manner of visits from all manner of bureaucracies up to and including the IRS.


As an aside, I haven’t tried to look at the humor of what happened in Orlando, but having Hillary say people under investigation by the FBI should lose their rights is pretty funny.

I really think the funny is totally not going to be worth the endy in the near future. The bill for 40 years of not just ignoring reality but spitting in its face appears to be coming due.

I have to admit, after the terror attack in Tampa I have become in favor of gun control.

The Orlando nightclub terrorist who pledged allegiance to ISIS worked almost a decade for a major Department of Homeland Security contractor…

… held two firearms licenses and a security officer license,

Let’s keep guns out of the hands of government.

For The Children.


Whenever some asshole says, ‘This shows we need gun control’, remind that fascist asshole that this murderous coward would have had a gun no matter how they make sure I can’t get one.

Important Answering My Question Update Below!!!!!

Now, we’ve all laughed and laughed and cringed at this, the Funniest End Of Civilization Ever, but is it really?

Via Tim Blair, we see an example of Blair’s Law:

If you want to crack a gag at an Islamist open mic night you’ve got to make sure you stick within the guidelines as laid down in the Koran and Hadith. And that means “for humour to be in ­accordance with Islam, the joke should not insult anyone, should not frighten anyone, should be within the limits of Islamic tolerance, should tell the truth, should not be offensive, should not contain un-Islamic material or promote immorality or indecency”.

Sound familiar?

If you substitute PC for Islam in that set of rules you’ve got the rules governing humour as laid down by the progressive Left


I’d dispute one thing, instead of “…substitute PC for Islam…”, I’d write, “…add PC to Islam…”, cuz you know, we can’t insult the Religion of Piece according to the same folks.

Now, the point (yay!)

Blair’s Law:

 Coined by Australian journalist, Tim Blair as “the ongoing process by which the world’s multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force.”
1. The alliance between the radical Left and extremist Islamists is an example of Blair’s Law.


See? This has been brewing for more than a thousand years, so maybe our end of civilization isn’t necessarily the funniest.

My personal opinion is that other ends of civilization had funnier aspects, but ours has the funniest endy ever.

You wanna dispute that? Vice President Joe Biden.

And to top that horrific hilarity, there are influential people who think the best ticket would be President Joe Biden and Vice President Elizabeth Warren. Even Caligula never tried to make Incitatus Emperor with his favorite statue of his sister Vice Emperor.


30 Seconds Later Question I Meant To Ask Originally!!!!!!

How long until, and how will, Minitrue blame the attack in Orlando, and anything else similar, like this attempt in LA, on the Tea Party, the NRA and Emmanuel Goldstein….Donald Trump?

I figure it’s already happened, but I’ve stopped watching the news because I can’t take the defenses of Islam and teleprompter readers saying, “We can’t confirm this but…..” and not stopping at the “but”.


Important, Puppy Blender answers my question update Here!!!!!!


Tom Brokaw: ‘In this County,’ ‘Everything Seems to Get Settled by a Gun.’
ABC Blames Orlando Terror on Election Rhetoric (read Trump V)and Guns in America
AP Calls Orlando Terrorist Massacre ‘Just the Latest Mass Shooting’
Media Matters: “The NRA made anti-LGBT attacks during their annual meeting just weeks ago.”
Yahoo: “Bernie Sanders Just Nailed the Real Culprit Behind the Mass Shooting in Orlando…Sanders explained to Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, the real culprit, according to Sanders, is gun control — or more precisely, lack thereof.”
Kansas City Star Editorial Writer Yael T. Abouhalkah: “Dear God: Today I am so sickened by the evilness of the NRA and gun industry. May their leaders be plunged into ever-lasting hell. Amen.”


No Tea Party links.


Jebus, just when I think I hate people enough, someone comes along to make me lose all faith and respect for someone I thought I liked.

Retired Gen. David Petraeus announced Friday he’s partnering with former astronaut Mark Kelly (Mr. Gabby Giffords V) to create a gun control group for veterans.


Mudder pocker. And no, by ‘gun control’ he does not mean ‘on target’ but the usual, “For Your Own Good” bullshit.

Why is he doing that?

The idea behind the group is to curb rampant veteran suicide rates.


You know, cuz, as everybody knows, suicidal people will not commit suicide if they have no access to evil guns.

And of course, there are no other problems that are causing the deaths of veterans that Petraeus might want to look into.


8 years ago, when Hillary was going against our soon-to-be God-President, we were presented images like this


POTUS Of The Damned!

POTUS Of The Damned!

and this

She'll Eat Your Soul

She’ll Eat Your Soul

Now, of course, she’s going against the Next Hitler, so we see stuff like this.

Golden Cow


Click the link, there are two vids that I can’t embed and they’re not on Youtube. They really should read the Bible. More, specifically, Exodus on the subject of Golden Cows.


This election is going to be……

I still can’t get the right adjective for what I expect, but I don’t think any incidental funny will outweigh all the vicious, violent, frustratingly-dishonest endy.


I drove to NY this week, there has to be an ocean in the way for me to deal with the assholes at the TSA.

I was going to visit a friend on the way but when I called he said he was going to NY as well so I picked him up instead. He was going to take the train but now he’s just taking it back home.

On the drive from IL to NY I discovered he was his southern IL county’s Dem treasurer, had run for office as a Dem and an ardent Hillary! supporter.

He started harping on the problems of GOP disunity when I asked him about the problems of the Dems. He was much less animated about that subject. He was pretty mad at Bernie’s peeps because he thought they’d be unfaithful to Hillary!. They gave county Dem money to help Hillary! get elected but they only did stuff like bring some crappy food for Bernie’s campaigns and demanded that they be allowed to speak, which speak involved telling them that everybody loved Bernie but they really needed to get behind the Golden Cow when the general election happened. He said the speaker was booed regularly when they tried that gambit.

The conversation was pleasant and not angry or anything as I didn’t feel like arguing stupidities for 18 hours, but I thought it occasionally pretty funny.

At one point I said that if Hillary wasn’t indicted the rule of law was absolutely dead in America. He nodded knowingly and agreed that if Hillary was indicted the rule of law was dead. He was very surprised when I explained I had said the opposite of what he had heard. Shocked even.

My personal favorite moment was when he brought up corrupt Chicago pols, I said, “Chicago is known for pizza, corrupt politicians and gangsters.” He laughingly agreed.

I said, “You know, Obama is not a pizza.”

I thought I had a flat tire the THUD was so loud.

I never would have forgiven myself if I had not taken that straight line and knocked it over the fence for the game-winning field goal. 2 points!