Posted: July 9, 2016 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Not So Funny End Of Civilization, Obama's Fault

Uh-Oh, this sounds, not just plausible, but likely.

Limbaugh said that in light of the Dallas ambush, which left five police officers dead and seven more wounded, the recent surge in public shootings is not going to end anytime soon.

“But, I think everybody better come to grips with the fact that this is not the end of anything here,” he said.

The radio host then predicted that due to heavy media presence, and hinting at the contentious state of politics in this election cycle, there would likely be attacks on the Republican and Democratic Conventions.

“And the next target is going to be the Republican National Convention and then possibly after that the next target–the Democrat National Convention because there’s going to be huge numbers of people in both places and there’s going to be lots of cameras,” he said. “And the media is going to be in both places.”


The problem there is that’s where important people are.

Another thing I’ve been surprised we haven’t seen more of (although I still think it’s coming) is targeting the media.

Nothing gets our fine media betters worked up than a threat to them. Sure, they can egg on people to shoot me, but I’m not important. They are.

So with attacks on our political betters and attacks on our social, moral and intellectual betters in Minitrue, they’re going to go all out to take as much of my freedom as they can.

That asteroid had better hurry.

I keep forgetting the ‘tard dog pic.

So we went to NY where he got to sleep in the grass, so what does he do?

tard dog

Sleeps with his head on a pile of rocks.

Do you think he missed his cactus?

  1. Imadenier says:

    I’ve been hearing gun control advocates saying that gun loving republicans should forgo the gunfree zone stuff for the convention…an interesting thought…

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