Why Is America And The World Blowing Up Daddy?

Posted: July 13, 2016 by veeshir in Not So Funny End Of Civilization, Obama's Fault, We're boned

Obama meets with Black Lives Matter agitators in the White House today.

Egging on people who are egging on riots and defending that despicable cop murderer.


Obama has never met with the man who was the Director of his Defense Intelligence Agency for two years from 2012 to 2014 as the middle east and Crimea exploded, the South China Sea was escalating toward the coming explosion and he was ‘negotiating’ a deal with Iran so they could start their explosion.


That’s why.

Looked at one way, that doesn’t really help us too much.

I do think he’s an idiot on foreign policy, he wants America Out Of Everywhere!

I’ve long operated on the assumption he’s malicious on domestic policy but this doesn’t help me figure out if that’s true.

He wants America Out Of Everywhere, the US is part of ‘everywhere’,  but is he stupid enough to think he is just getting an electoral bump from rioting and cop-murdering?

Is he malicious enough to want to use rioting and cop-murdering to take my guns and form a federal police force?

Or is he really malicious, so malicious he is really going to try to use the rioting and cop-murdering he’s egging on to cancel the election and so stupid to think he can do that?

I have to say, I’d bet on option 2, he thinks he’s going to get some “commonsense” restrictions on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments (the 10th is already long gone) and he knows the GOP is more than happy to help him.

That could be stupid or willfully ignorant.

They’re hard to tell apart, he might really think that he could actually turn the US into a police state.


  1. DaveK says:

    What do you think, Veeshir- do you think there could ever be a line ( speaking hypothetically, here) that Obama could cross (be it try and “modify” the 2nd Amendment or whatever) that the Republicans would say “Ok, that’s enough. Time to get out of the pool.”?

  2. veeshir says:

    The only thing I see them doing is throwing fish at me and HOLDING HEARINGS!!!!!!!
    It won’t get voted on, but THEY WILL HAVE INTRODUCED IT!!!!!!!

    I don’t see them doing anything useful.

  3. Paco says:

    Never met with the Director of the DIA? That’s astonishing (“astonishing” now means “par for the course”, right?)

  4. HayZeus says:

    Problem with the questions you’re posing is that the in-depth answer has to get philosophical. If we’re sticking to the straightforward, what we can see aspect, Hanlon’s Razor says put your money on incompetence. And when you think about it, it’s easy to see. Hell, with that kind of ideology incompetence is pretty much a prerequisite. Start asking why a person would cling to an ideology that delivers very different things than it promises, though, and shit starts to get real.

  5. veeshir says:

    ‘Astonishing’ and ‘unexpected’ have really changed their meanings lately.

    I wonder if the people at Merriam-Webster have updated their new dictionaries.

    • HayZeus says:

      The entire Western world is itching for a Rectification of the Names…

      • veeshir says:

        I can’t believe I didn’t know about the Rectification of the Names.
        Reading wikipedia I see
        Confucius believed that social disorder often stemmed from failure to call things by their proper names, that is, to perceive, understand, and deal with reality.

        So while the Greeks were dealing with squabbling gods, the Chinese were dealing with the same
        shit we are.

        I really am beginning to wonder if our end of civilization is really that unprecedentedly funny or if there have been others just as funny, heck, maybe they’re all sorta funny.

        You know, until the barbarians start coming over the walls.

        I really doubted that any civilization ever before had anyone as buffoonish and ridiculous as Vice President Joe Biden.
        Sure they had people as buffoonish and ridiculous, but never put him one heartbeat away from the top spot.
        But then I thought of France. They had Louis XIII, who was probably more ridiculous than even Biden, but while they also had Richelieu actually running things, if he died it was back to Louis XIII.

        Hmmmmmmm. Are we guilty of the sin of hubris? But then, they also had the 30 Years War which was all about the endy.

  6. Imadenier says:

    I believe that every End of Civilization has its funny and endy side Professor Veeshir…since the beginning of time…most are more endy than funny…welcome to wonderland…

    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, “it means just what I choose it to mean…”

    It may be that we notice it more because it’s happening in our time…

    If some think fueling a violent racial revolution will help they are mistaken… we already have multiple national police forces…the federal government has made itself almost impossible to overthrow…hence the Alinski-ite takeover of the government…

  7. veeshir says:

    It may be that we notice it more because it’s happening in our time…

    Hubris, the same as global warmmongers who think the climate should stay the way it was when they were 15.

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