Although, I do have some fears the riots will be short on laughs in Cleveland.

In Cleveland, we have people who are above the law (Dem front groups) following their Teleprompter Jesus’ example and declaring themselves Above The Law!

(the New Black Panthers), has elected not to participate in the formal permitting process for marches, access to downtown parks and speakers’ podiums.

“We remain open to conducting our own (protests),

Who do they think they are? Hillary!?

So why might they not want to deal with the hassle of following the law?

The chairman of the New Black Panther Party has announced plans for an armed protest at the Republican convention next week in Cleveland…

Oh, that should go well.

How well?

Bikers for Trump aren’t going to Cleveland looking to cause trouble but will be on hand to counter thousands of professional leftwing agitators planning to disrupt the Republican nominating convention.

That well.


This year, I figure the Dem convention will be the most boring, unless one of their front groups blows up another. Like say…their violent footsoldiers in the New Black Panthers beating up their LGBTQADAFY brigade. (as an aside, 6 months ago it was a hate-crime to call them LGBT, but since all the Dems were saying it during the bathroom brew-haha, it’s apparently not a hate-crime for a while).

But the RNC will be violently unfunny what with all the Dems in the Democrat political/media entertainment complex Othering anybody who supports Trump, the GOP and, of course, demonizing cops so they’re afraid to do their jobs for fear of being persecuted by ideological Dem thugs, like that asshole in Baltimore.

It’s almost required of Dem supporters to get mostly-peacefully violent in Cleveland.


Mostly unrelated except for the laugh riot aspect.

 I saw this headline and thought it said something different.


Dumping Trump Would Be Undemocratic And Counterproductive

I agree, but it would be hilarious and entertaining watching the GOP immolate itself, but that’s not the point.

I first read it as saying

Trump Would Be Undemocratic And Counterproductive


And thought, “That’s his allure”.

I mean, we already have undemocratic (notice the conversation on taking my guns as Americans are buying record numbers of guns or the GOP ignoring immigration and Obamacare after being elected to stop them), but what we really need in gov’t is “counterproductive”.

Anybody throwing sand..shit in the gears is okay by me.

  1. Imadenier says:

    they have rights…

    1st Amendment right of assembly…
    2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms…

    if the government can limit their rights…the government can limit yours…remember the National Firearms Act of 1934…and other common-sense legislation…

  2. veeshir says:

    I didn’t mean anything about their right to bear arms, although I do wonder how many of both the NBPs and the bikers are legally barred from owning guns.

    I’m just saying it’s going to be ugly.

    We have one side that knows the media will ignore them and our fine political betters will tell the police to ‘give them space’ and agitate against the police.

    We have another side that’s sick of that shit.

    Neither side is known for restraint or respect for the fine points of law.

    • Imadenier says:

      that is a good question…

      sounds like a potential kerfuffle in the making…

      PA has open carry too…maybe these citizens would like to hold demonstrations in Philly phurst…

      now I’m hungry for a cheese-steak…

  3. Tell you what: It surely has been an “interesting” summer, so far. I suspect the various “kerfuffling” processes in play around the world are not over yet.

  4. veeshir says:

    I’m just happy I live in a well-armed redneck town.
    I do have to go to Phoenix most days though, but not into downtown so I should be cool.

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