Atta Turk! Way To Go!

Posted: July 15, 2016 by veeshir in Exploding things, Notes on the Revolution

Erdogan, budding thugocrat, says Army Is Couping Me!!!!!!

Usually when a thugocrat starts yelling that, he’s going to crack down while I say, “I wish”.

Wish granted?

Turkey’s PM has denounced an “illegal action” by a military “group”, with bridges closed in Istanbul and aircraft flying low over the capital, Ankara.

Binali Yildirim (Turkish Prime Minister V) said the military action was not authorised but it was not a coup. He said that the government remained in charge.

Traffic has been stopped from crossing both the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges in Istanbul.

There are reports of gunshots in the capital Ankara.

Tanks are also said to be stationed outside Istanbul airport.

Hmmm, that’s one side.

The side I know I don’t trust.

This is the side I don’t know if I trust.

Turkish military claims to have overthrown Erdogan and taken control of country
In a statement, the Turkish military says the rule of law must remain the priority.

State TV TRT reportedly off the air.

Hmmm, interesting.

Recall, the military is tasked with keeping Islamist assholes from taking over.

Which Ergogan has been trying to do for a long time as we have seen repeat… I don’t feel like looking for more links.


So maybe someone else, besides freaking France, is.. could be fighting back.

  1. Imadenier says:

    and the President’s response…to pledge support to the thugocrat…

    would our military coup if Obama held out for a third term…or would they not…

    and in Nice…they mourn their dead…when will we start doing background checks for box trucks…

    and in Baltimore…another black sniper…killed by police before he could kill them…

    • veeshir says:

      The endy is not so funny anymore.

      Although… Kerry earlier rambling about something stupid instead of answering a question about
      Turkey was funny.

      Even the CNN fool made fun of him a little.

  2. […] When Erdogan faked his coup in Turkey I actually had high hopes it was an actual coup, I wrote: […]

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