Securing The Homeland

Posted: July 16, 2016 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Liberal Fascism, Nanny State, Obama's Fault

The Dems page and a half plan to Secure The Homeland!!!!! is full of trusting Iran and Saudi Arabia to help us in their war against each other, taking guns without due process, spending lots of money and expanding the perimeter of Security Theater. The usual.


Obama’s plan to Secure The Homeland!!!! is a little different.

The Obama administration has released “tens of thousands” of illegal aliens convicted of crimes in the U.S. because their home countries refused to take them back.


While the Congresscritter Dems plan will not accomplish anything except give money to their friends and take some more of my freedom, I will say that at least Obama’s plan seems to be intended to further his goal of securing the homeland.

The more violent thugs we have out there the more the media can explain why the gov’t needs to take my guns,

Obama is trying to make the country secure for lefty fascists.

  1. Imadenier says:

    It may be that the president’s efforts to start a race war with the cops as targets is the left’s most effective way of getting your guns…remember the Firearms Act of 1934 and all the common sense limitations on gun ownership it has spawned…California already wants to make you turn in your scary toys…

    • veeshir says:

      That’s why I’m so happy AZ passed their, “We ain’t enforcing unConstitutional laws from the feds’.

      Or the, No, How About You Suck My Balls Act.

  2. Imadenier says:

    I hope that works out for them/you…but I have my doubts…

    • veeshir says:

      I live in a pretty good place. You’ve probably seen the sheriff on Foxnews or CNN talking about illegal immigration, he’s the guy with the shaved head, and I live next to Sheriff Joe.

      Joe might lose much of Phoenix, but he can go north and east and keep a bunch of the, very well armed, suburbs.

      I do have high hopes, hopefully I’m not just high like my neighbor.

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