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Posted: July 17, 2016 by veeshir in Not So Funny End Of Civilization, Obama's Fault, We're boned

Important Shep Is Funny Update!!!!

The gov of LA says, “All lives matter.”

Shep says that divisive and is upset that people are so divisive.

All lives matter is divisive. Apparently, all is not inclusive. How do you talk to someone like that? Why would you?

Which helps to explain what the hell is going on.

Importanter Update!!!!
Shep in his own words!!!!! Vid starts when he goes off the rails on a crazy train.


It stops before Shep shakes his head and wonders why people are so divisive.


Now, back to our post in its entirety.


What the hell is going on?

I always put on Foxnews or CNN when I first get up to see if there’s something big going on.

Every day lately I’ve seen something that would normally be the top news story for the week, an event you call by the date it happened.

Now I wake up and Baton Rouge cops are being ambushed and murdered.

I haven’t check with The NYTimesWashPostCNNABCCBSNBCetc., but it must be the fault of the NRA, Trump and my guns.


7 years of Obama and his Minitrue suckophants Othering anybody who disagrees with the New Church Of Leftism and its ever-changing Gooder News For Moderner Man while also giving aid and comfort to the various enemies of civilization appears to be coming to a head at home and abroad (indeed, bringing the ones from abroad here).

It’s ugly out there and getting uglier and it’s all as the fine Chicago-machine thugs running our nation want.

The GOP convention starts tomorrow. I wonder what sort of Flood The News Cycle event will happen then.

Should be interesting.

If you live in a civilized state and don’t normally carry a gun, I’d suggest you put something in the trunk of your car.

It’s looking like that sort of time.


As an aside, I had to deal with the police last night. That bothers me. Some local tweaker wandered up as I was sitting on my porch reading and was mad at me for spinning the wheels on my 4×4 (I don’t own one) 8 hours earlier. When I finally figured what she was angry about and got her to leave, she called the cops on me. Sigh. Not sure if he hauled her off.

Eh, I live in a very cheap place, crime is low and almost exclusively tweaker v tweaker/meth dealer, but once in a while you have to deal with a tweaker.

It’s annoying but since they don’t usually get too crazy until the second day of staying awake and tweaking, they’re too weak and uncoordinated to be very dangerous, just annoying and they will call the cops on you for some imagined slight.

Which is funny cuz then the cops usually haul them off.


  1. Imadenier says:

    I just saw that…Baton Rouge Ninja… assault rifle…ski mask…ambush…

    and the Ohio Governor is being asked to suspend open carry in Cleveland…he said no…but security is tightening…

    and a guy in Baltimore has taken hostages at a Burger King…with an AR type rifle…

    Trump is calling himself the law and order candidate…

    It starting to look like a crisis…

    and remember what Rahm Emanuel said about taking advantage of crises…

    will the President declare a national state of emergency …declare martial law … suspend 2nd Amendment rights…then come for your guns…because you’re on a list of registered gun owners…while all the unregistered gun owners in Chicago and elsewhere keep their guns…

    Interesting times…

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