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Posted: July 22, 2016 by veeshir in Fun with Elections, Fun With Media, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP Win!

Then watch the speech.

Important, Above The Fold, Pushing Your Preferred Narrative, Update!!!!!!

Shep is surely pushing that it’s a right-winger, even having some lefty friend of his talking about how the guy looks like a neo-nazi while CNN has a witness claiming at least one was yelling “Allahu akbar” and targeting children.


I didn’t watch Trump’s speech last night, but in my defense, I haven’t watched any political speeches (except a Trump one last week) since 2001, but I’m gonna bet most of these fools didn’t either, they might have read the transcript, but they didn’t need to actually see the speech to demagogue it.


“It was a loud voice, more vengeful than hopeful. More hyperbole than details.” CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose huffed that the address had “little appeal to the better angels.” …


This one’s my personal favorite from unashamed Clintonista, George Stephansomethingorother:

 a pretty dark speech, labeled Hillary Clinton the candidate of death, destruction terrorism and weakness and mass lawlessness.


Do not make fun of the golden cow, that’s almost as bad as attacking their Teleprompter Jesus.

Oh, and the Journolist Word of the Day was, “Dark”.


A Veeshir Veerless Vrediction: Well, not so much a vrediction as a wish. I really hope Hillary! chooses Jeb! as her running mate.

That’s about perfect for everybody. Minitrue gets to write story after story about how disaffected Republicans can vote their conscience, the establishment gets to put us in our place (under their loafers), and we get teh awesome that would be the GOP establishment types telling us we have to vote for Hillary! to save the country.

Not quite as ridiculously destructive as a M’Shell candidacy, but pretty darn close.

And I get to laugh my ass off. This election has not had enough of Teh Funny lately.


Nother shooting spree, this time in Germany.

Coupla things, too bad they don’t have gun control there (oh wait, they fucking do) and I really hope the guy’s name wasn’t Mohamed or shouting Allahu Akbar because then we’d never know why he did it.


  1. HayZeus says:

    Eh, I didn’t watch it either, but I read it, and if it was anything like the draft I saw he came out and said exactly what he needed to say: the emperor has no clothes. Cue another wave of disdainful apoplexy from the Usual Suspects. My favorite bit of funny was some celebretard’s response to the speech last night which Instaheh retweeted and Ace posted up on the main Moron blog (Noooooooooes, Trump’s straight talk is making too much sense! Hold me Rachel Maddow!), though I gotta say that Minitrue’s “viewer discretion advised” bit when it comes to questionatizing the Golden Cow’s candidacy is a really close second. If the convention is any indication of how the rest of the election will go, I don’t know if it’ll possible to top the schadenfreude I’ll feel from watching it unfold.

    Though I gotta say, having Jeb! as the Golden Cow’s running mate would certainly add an even bigger dose of fendy to the proceedings.

    • veeshir says:

      I’m really hoping for that last part, it would just make it perfect.
      Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton-Bush would be awesome/

      I think I just saw the next “Used to be” CNN talking head.

      She started talking about how Trump was warning about terrorism, and I expected her to blame the Munich attack on Trump, but she said something about how “As Obama was telling us to calm down, terrorism isn’t that bad the attack in Munich was going on.”

      Much as I can’t stand CNN, I watch them on breaking news, they do a lot less of the “We can’t confirm this ridiculous rumor, but here it is”.
      Foxnews has Shep.
      I just got the spectacle of Shep, “We Can’t Confirm This But We’re Reporting It Anyway” Smith talk about how he can’t confirm that the two pics of shooters were the same guy. He’ll pass on any rumor, but he cannot confirm what is right in front of his eyes.
      That’s Shep in a nutshell.

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