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Above the fold update!!!!!

Let’s have a round of applause for the Waco Kid!

We’ll miss you Gene, but you’re reunited with Gilda so you’re probably happier today than yesterday.


Now, the post!

‘So some nitwit prof from the U of Iowa says their mascot is too scary and would traumatize the precious snowflakes going there.

I agree.

Why? Their mascot is a hornet. A yellow hornet. Just like this

run away


With some video


Too small for bug spray, too big for a shotgun.

If it teamed up with this we’d have to leave the Earth.


I do have to try their Hornet Slurm…..VAAM.

VAAM… liquids secreted by the Vespa mandarinia – or Asian Giant


Party hard with Stings McKenzie!



Unrelated, for the boss.

A web page where they talk about supposedly making the Automag again.

My new favorite vaporware gun.

My previous favorite?

The Big Horn Armory .500 S&W lever action that they didn’t actually start making until after I could afford one.



First the endy.

Fascist Lou Lavely, Travelers Rest High School Principal thinks latino students are too stupid, angry and just plain violent to be faced with the American flag.

 banned students from carrying American flags into a football game against Berega High School, because a lot of students at Berega are Hispanic.



This guy lists a few times the Fascist, Amerikkka and Hispanic hater, Lou Lavely Travelers Rest High School Principal decided that he would abuse his position of authority to spread his message of fascism and hate.

hird, last night as I took the flag and attempted to enter myself he stated, “I have the authority to tell anyone they can’t bring it on the property.” Unfortunately the cops were not helpful and sided with Lavely even after stating “you’d probably win if you took it to the school district.”


Everybody involved in shitting on our rights, hating on America and Hispanic students (by thinking they’re too violent to be trusted), and abusing their authority even though they admit they are wrong to do so needs to be fired, lose their pensions, be objects of derision across America and never be alllowed to work in any position of authority ever again, take away their pet rocks.

What will happen is absolutely nothing. He’ll put out a statement if the fuhrer…furor builds up too much,  but none of the cops who stripped Americans of their rights will face any repercussions whatsoever.


Now, the funny. We all know MSNBC is racist, but it’s nice to see them illustrate is so hilariously.

(Original vid went gone, this is a replacement)



I guess they didn’t have any watermelon commercials lined up.


I’m not sure what happened with this post, I thought I had posted it a week or more ago.

So, while it’s old, it’s still relevant.

Why? Cuz I fucking said so.


How many people die because of the lies and distortions promulgated by our fine media betters?


The most visible lately are the cops shot by people egged on by the lie of “Hands up, don’t shoot!” and other BLM bullshits, but they aren’t the only ones.

Like this woman who was going to hitch-hike across the Middle East to prove to unhelpful types like me that Islam is Peace (instead of the real translation which is Submission), and that all the folks in the Middle East are just friends she hasn’t met yet.

Needless to say, it didn’t end well.

The naked body of Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo, 33, known as Pippa Bacca, was found in bushes near the northern city of Gebze on Friday.

The worst part? That’s as “well duh” a moment as there could be but I’m a racist hater for noticing it and in EUnuchstan, I’d be arrested for saying that.


Via Paco (I didn’t use his link because they wouldn’t let me cut n paste any text from their article. Way to go!!!! You idjits stopped me from quoting you!!!!!!! You won!!!!!! I won’t link you!!!!!! That’s a better way to cut circulation than anything I do here.)

Two unrelated, awesome, things.

Bride walks down aisle with man who has her father’s heart. (No, he didn’t rip it out and show it to her while it was still beating and no, not her father’s gay lover, her father was an organ donor who was murdered. Sheesh)

That’s surprising and heart warming. (*smack*)

Sorry, but it is awesome.

Actually, now I’m not sure if this is awesome. I thought so at first but then I started thinking it was evil.


Needs more Hypnotoad.

All glory to the Hypnotoad!


The reason I’m leaning toward “evil” is because it’s just fanfiction so there’s no movie, just a com-tease.

Of course, if Hollywood made it they’d screw it up so I should be happy. They’d probably make Bender a fembot and the movie would be about fighting Nixon’s head and Trump’s head who are all racist against illegal mutant immigration.

But is that Key or Peele playing Hermes at the end? It surely looks like it.

If so, maybe they will make it! And maybe they will not screw it up! And maybe the RNC won’t cum in my mouth!


Important Update!!!!!!

An even worse tease of  a fake movie!!!







It’s odd how many people know something  but still act as if they don’t.

Case in point.

In talking about a NY Post article, John Hinderaker writes a post with the headline



talking about how in 1992, when Bill was running against an incumbent, it was All About Teh Economy Stupid!!!!!


In 92 our fine media betters saw a way to get Bill elected, now we’re in 2016 and they’ve become Minitrue doing their best to get this corrupt, aging, botoxed, grannarch over the line, the last thing they’re going to do is link her to the present, never-ending, “recovery” that doesn’t seem to provide any recovery to anybody not connected/donating to the various oligarchs in the Dem party.

If Trump wins, we’ll be in a depression by 2/1/17.

To the NY Post article, they write this.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are too busy trading barbs on hot-button topics like race and immigration to discuss the economy

Yeah see, Trump is talking about that, he just had a whole big rollout of his plan, it was in all the blogs!

It’s Hillary! and her Minitrue allies that are constantly going on about calling Trump a racist, fascist, homophobe, talker-in-movie-theaters kind of guy while trying to avoid talking about the economy.

Which attacks our betters in the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party, most especially including much of Foxnews, (Hello Campaign Carl, I hate The Hoi Polloi, Cameron!) are happy to tut-tut about.


Trump is fighting against Minitrue, the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party, the Dem party and half of the people who hate Minitrue, the  WBASTY Party and the Dem party.

He’s doing pretty well for that.


I wanted to post about this the other day, but it sort of fits here.

Trump needs to keep tying Hillary! to the Arab Spring!

teach your children well

Important Update Below!!!!!!

Important Update Here!!!!!!

mcmahon 2

I’ve disliked the 49ers for a long time, but this is over the top.

Their QB, obviously the target of racial profiling (he’s a black, millionaire QB):

His latest refusal to stand for the anthem — he has done this in at least one other preseason game — came before the 49ers preseason loss to Green Bay at Levi’s Stadium on Friday night….

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick

In case you don’t speak idjit, he’s saying he’s an idiot who knows absolutely nothing about the world he hasn’t learned from ESPN or their sister station, MSNBC.


Some editorializing from a “journalist”

By taking a stand for civil rights,…….

No, by shitting on the country that’s allowed him to live a lifestyle that 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the people who have ever lived could not even imagine.


So what’s the NFL going to do about it? Notice the URL, it’s from the NFL, they’re the ones who editorialized about “civil rights”.

I love football but I hate the NFL.


I’ve seen people calling him ‘mixed-race’ today, but I thought today’s totally tolerant lefties and SJWs were all into the one-drop rule? Confusing.

The NFL’s statement

Players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the National Anthem,” NFL spokesman Brian


49ers statement

freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose to participate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem.”

It’s all about Free Speech!!!!!!

You know, except when a white man says something about a lefty shibboleth.

In a statement Monday, ESPN said that while Williams “is not an ESPN employee, we recognize that he is closely linked to our company through the open to “Monday Night Football.” We are extremely disappointed with his comments and as a result we have decided to pull the open from tonight’s telecast.”


Fuck you NFL. Not a fucking penny from me for a long time. I usually go to at least one game a year. Not this year.

I feel like tubin, I like that so I don’t spend too much on any one story, it’s just too horrible out there.

First, we have an example of why I hate so many lawyers. There are lawyers out there who do not spend all their time thinking of ways to use the law to make them money, but the ones who do make up for all the rest.

Case in point.

Recently, defendants in aggregate litigation have employed an additional tactic by filing civil RICO cases against plaintiffs’ counsel alleging they fraudulently concealed a few baseless lawsuits

RICO was promised as something for organized crime, now it’s against anybody they can tortuously fit into the law and lawyers who became judges are letting it happen. Showing that you cannot give government a power that’s “limited”.

Like seat belt laws were never going to be primary reasons to pull people over.

And that’s why I’m so afraid of killing the guy in Atlanta with a robot with a bomb. Sure, it’s only for really bad guys. Just like no-knock raids were only for really bad people.


Our fine media betters not just burying the lede, but denying it exists.  They write this story as a story about a governor getting upset that a lawmaker called him a racist. The story doesn’t mention it, but the gov is an (R), the state legislator is a (D).

The gov left a rant on her voice mail.

Gov. Paul LePage left a state lawmaker from Westbrook an expletive-laden phone message Thursday in which he accused the legislator of calling him a racist,


A lie right out the bat. The gov didn’t accuse her of this, a “journalist” told him she was among those who did so. The “journalist” accused her of this. The article has this tidbit.

,a television reporter asked the governor what he would say to people who are calling him a racist. LePage asked who had called him that and the reporter said he had talked to Gattine, but didn’t say Gattine had called the governor a racist.


So the “journalist” , in answer to a question about who said that the “journalist” said it had talked to Gettine but later says it didn’t mean that Gattine was the accuser.

An obvious lie. A pathetic lie. A fucking Clintonian lie. Especially obvious as it’s the default position for any (D), of course their opponents are racist. Only racists oppose their obviously glorious policies. ipso facto, QED, carpe scrotum.

Pretty funny, I’m siding with a politician against a journalist on who’s telling the truth, no, a “journalist”. So that makes more sense.

What the story should be about is a “journalist” tried to get a ruckus going by lying, either when it said Gattine said that or when it said that Gattine didn’t say that (I know which way I’m betting), and then they all act all surprised. I hate those bastards, they pretend they’re in the information providing business as they’re in the lying and getting their politicians elected business.


So in more Collapse Of The American Experiment In Self-Rule News, Trump!

Recall back when the Trump rally was violently attacked in Minnesota and the police did nothing. I wrote

Pushed and jostled, ummmm, isn’t that assault? Isn’t that intimidation? Isn’t that the police letting people intimidate a presidential candidate’s supporters? Isn’t that all about the fucked up and really, really, really fucking bad? Isn’t that Chavez tactics?

So we see people who were there and noticed incredible, Venezuela, things.

One male attendee claimed he was told by more than one officer that law enforcement had been ordered to “stand down” — and that the order had “come from the top.”…

when Cynthia asked a police officer if he would escort her to the event, he allegedly told her she was on her own….


A whole bunch of people need to go to jail, but since we no longer have a Justice Dept but a “Justice” Dept, they will prosper. If Trump wins, expect a wave of officially sanctioned violence across the Dem parts of the nation. Have fun NY.

I don’t trust Gateway Pundit too much anymore, but he’s linking source info so I’ll link. There is a substantial KKK contingent supporting Hillary!

That shows remarkable perspicuity on their part,

KKK goals


Okay, the next two are pretty darn funny. I absolutely agree with Hillary! supporters.

First, we find out that Huma Abedin can see reality when she wants.

An article in the Muslim journal where Huma Abedin was assistant editor claimed Bill Clinton bombed Saddam Hussein to deflect from his Monica Lewinsky affair.

That’s as Well, Duh! a statement as there is on the intertubes but only paranoid loons who think Clinton had State Troopers kill his hookers will say it.

I wonder what Huma has against Arkansas State Troopers?

Next, we have Hillary! supporters unsure who alt-right is and exactly why they are evil and deserving of their just hate.

Breitbart News spoke to over a dozen Hillary Clinton fans outside the Truckee Meadows Community College. None knew exactly what the “alt-right” is; a few had a vague idea that it referred to Republicans, or that Democrats were trying to connect it with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

That’s all they need to know who the next Emmanuel Goldstein is,

Some funny.

They simply did not know what the “alt-right” was until later, when Hillary Clinton told them, and told them it was bad. (Some were willing to believe in advance that it was bad, merely because they knew she would tell them it was.)

Do tell

The video below shows the interviews in exact chronological order. Only one interview was omitted, at the interviewee’s request, when she was embarrassed that she could not answer the question, and asked Breitbart News to delete the video of her response

Impressive, a lefty embarrassed by her ignorance, they usually get mad at people who have the bad manners to know facts and stuff.

In answer to my question yesterday that nobody answered, Breitbart to the rescue!

A specter is haunting the dinner parties, fundraisers and think-tanks of the Establishment: the specter of the “alternative right.” Young, creative and eager to commit secular heresies, they have become public enemy number one to beltway conservatives — more hated, even, than Democrats or loopy progressives.

Hmmm, I’m not young, but that sounds like me so far.

 an amorphous movement. Some — mostly Establishment types — insist it’s little more than a vehicle for the worst dregs of human society: anti-Semites, white supremacists, and other members of the Stormfront set.

Still me.

National Review attacked them as bitter members of the white working-class who worship “father-Führer” Donald Trump. Betsy Woodruff of The Daily Beast attacked Rush Limbaugh for sympathising with the “white supremacist alt-right.” BuzzFeed begrudgingly acknowledged that the movement has a “great feel for how the internet works,” while simultaneously accusing them of targeting “blacks, Jews, women, Latinos and Muslims.

Still me. Except for the “great feel for how the internet works” part.

Part of this is down to the alt-right’s addiction to provocation. The alt-right is a movement born out of the youthful, subversive, underground edges of the internet. 4chan and 8chan are hubs of alt-right activity. For years, members of these forums – political and non-political – have delighted in attention-grabbing, juvenile pranks. Long before the alt-right, 4channers turned trolling the national media into an in-house sport.

Oh, so not me. I’ll stay in the VRWC, I’m sure Hillary! will declare them my foot-soldiers though.

That’s as much a lie as anything she says, but if they’re the ones hacking the various Dem computers (Hillary!’s, DNC, NY Times, etc.) and they’re ready to give a Dem an October Surprise, they have my Good Will.


This got long, but I wanted to write about one of the endiest, non-continental-US things out there.


We’ve seen them messing with the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia over the South China Sea and they mess with Taiwan out of murderous, commie principles.

So what’s been happening?

As we say a few weeks ago, Taiwan was siding with China, now we have the Philippines, who know that they are on their own with Obama in office, going full Chamberlain. You never go full Chamberlain. It’s like going full retard except instead of not getting an Oscar, millions die.

Former Philippine president Fidel Ramos was in Hong Kong earlier this month to meet his “old friends” in hopes of breaking ice with Beijing. In a statement issued Thursday, Ramos and his interlocutors, including prominent Chinese diplomat Fu Ying, said they discussed the way forward “in the spirit of universal brotherhood and sisterhood for peace and cooperation between the two countries.”

The only spirit for peace and cooperation murderous commie dictators have is both murderous and commie.

In the geopolitical equivalent of David versus Goliath, China was legally thrashed by the Philippines last month in an international arbitration over their disputes in the South China Sea.


Thrashed, THRASHED!!! I say.

Or pissed off. Which is why the Philippines are acting this way. They know, deep in their bones, that they cannot expect American help if they’re attacked by China. Hell, they could be nuked by Russia and Obama would tell both sides to step back.

The story goes off the tracks here

With the ruling, China could reopen the waters to Filipino fishermen without detracting from its sovereign claims. This restoration of the status quo ante would ease tensions at little cost to Beijing.

Yeah see, if they wanted to ease tensions there would be tensions.

That’s small potatoes, why am I scared?

In their rush to play nice with their Chinese friends, and, I assume, their knowledge that Obama is a feckless asshole, what are they saying now?

He then launched an attack on the United Nations and its members – including by inference Manila’s traditionally close ally, Washington…

Criticising the UN for not doing enough to address hunger and terrorism and for not being able to do anything about Syria and Iraq and allowing big powers to bomb villages and kill innocent civilians, he said he would invite China and African nations to form another global organisation.


Oh that would be great. A collection of murderous warlords and the Philippines run by murderous, commie dictators.

So what scares me is that we have China being all belligerent and we have two of their biggest enemies making nice with them.

Now all we need is another of their greatest enemies making nice.

Maritime cooperation between China and Vietnam has set an example for handling South China Sea disputes.

Oh shit. Vietnam has hated China since long before Kubla Khan did a stately pleasure dome decree.


Well this didn’t work out so well. All I did was pay too much attention to a bunch of endy things. Now I’m gonna have to kick the dog.


Above the Fold question!!!!
What is the alt-right? I’m pretty intertuby, but I’ve never heard of them. I hesitate to do a search for it.
I’ll tell you, I don’t mind being part of the VRWC even though I’m not really sure what it is, but I think I’d like to know what alt-right is before I accept the moniker.
Now, back to our post.

Here’s Hillary calling out Trump for birtherism

Here’s Breitbart noticing that the Wash Post admitted that Hillary! and her peeps started birtherism.


The only interesting thing about Hillary! is whether she believes her lies or not. Or at least, does she believe any? She lies when the truth would serve better, people like that (like my brother) seem to believe their lies as soon as they leave their lips.

Top of the post comment I forgot update!!!!!

Has anybody else noticed that Judicial Watch is now “conservative”? Back when they were going after Bush they were “non-partisan”.  I only  noticed because I predicted it, I figure it took so long because most of the media has ignored what they’ve been trying to do.

Now back to our post in its entirety.

The funniest part, for me, is that I think I’ve used that title before.

So here are three things that would have been too stupid, paranoid and ridiculous to be funny 30 years ago.

Now, of course, they’d be more funny if they weren’t true, but you don’t get the funny without the endy.

First up, the US Army is telling troops to not be like these people.


If, 10 years ago, someone had told you the Army would be warning their troops about two spies, a jihadi, a former commander of CentCom, a presidential candidate and I’m not sure who Alexis is, imagine what you would have thought of that paranoid freak.

I did like CNN’s panel on Hillary!’s email stuff, it had two, official, Clinton campaign staffers, one unofficial one from US News and World Report with the Clinton News Network talking head moderating. I couldn’t watch after they listed them, I already know what they’re going to say, “It’s the GOP going after her! Trying to be a distraction from the issues!”, and I like this TV.


Via Uncle, even 10 years ago people would have called this paranoid stupidity.


He LOL’d, I more like SMH’d. Your MPG may vary but the endiness is what makes it funny.


Actually, this doesn’t belong here, James Carville has spent decades lying and being a dishonest asshole who lies and obfuscates about all the Clinton’s dirty dealings.



I put it here because that is a different Clintonism. He’s saying exactly what he means but in such a way that only certain people will understand. I, unfortunately, have learned to speak Clinton.

He’s letting the people who might have thoughts about shutting down the Clinton Foundation  know that some people will die if that happens.

They’ll probably commit suicide but you never know, it might be an accident or even random violence. All we know for sure is that people will die.

meddling kids

That looks exactly like a house in Hurley, NY. I wonder if that’s it.


I Agree With Joe Biden!

Posted: August 23, 2016 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah

Quoth Biden. (I was going to use a Daily Caller link but I got sick of trying to cut and paste and scroll around as my computer froze. I hate Flash)

Americans, Biden said, are prone to overreact to “wolves at the door.”


Jackass. He knows so much better than we. Cuz he’s an idiot who thinks he’s a genius.

“Terrorism is a real threat, but it’s not an existential threat to the existence of the democratic country of the United States of America,”

That’s where I agree with him.

Biden, his boss, his erstwhile colleague, Hillary!, the rest of the Democratic political/entertainment complex and the establishment pricks in the GOP, like NRO and John McCain, are the existential threat to our nation.

Islamists are our enemy, the only way they can be an existential threat is if we let the people in the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party keep on taking our freedoms as a way of “fighting” them. Let’s strengthen the Patriot Act and give more power to the TSA to KEEP US SAFE!!!!!!!!!!

Actual results may vary.


He also describes the Biden Doctrine!!!!!!

Biden told The Atlantic that he operates under the “Biden doctrine”: “My dad used to say to me, ‘Champ, if everything is equally important to you, nothing is important to you.’ So the hardest thing to do, I’ve found in 44 years, is to prioritize what really are the most consequential threats and concerns…”

Okay, that’s funny.

So what has Biden ‘prioritized’ over those 44 years?

voted against the aid package for South Vietnam, and that was part of the deal when we pulled out of South Vietnam to try and help them survive. He said that when the Shah fell in Iran in 1979 that that was a step forward for progress toward human rights in Iran. He opposed virtually every element of President Reagan’s defense build-up. He voted against the B-1, the B-2, the MX and so on.


He was against aid to the Nicaraguan Contras which in the end brought democracy and ended the Sandinista rule at the time. He was against Reagan’s expansion of the defense budget, which bankrupted the Soviet Union and led to the end of the Soviet Empire. He was against Reagan on Strategic Defenses, which is the big advantage that we have now in the missile age


He was against the first Gulf War but for intervention in the breakup of Yugoslavia, he called Milosevic a “Damn war criminal!” but apparently, Saddam wasn’t.

Kuwait was strategically important to the US while Yugoslavia was not. So he was against something important to America and for something that just dragged America into a feud that makes Hatfield/McCoys look like Dennis and Mr. Wilson.

The Biden Doctrine, it’s like the Monroe Doctrine except with much more drool, stupidity, goals with a decided lack of importance to America and ignorance of how the world works.


I still cannot believe that we are still pretending he’s is not so stupid that when his butler says his shoes are on the wrong feet he responds, “Those are my feet!”


And what the hell is Foxnews doing with Megan McCain? Dammit, I used to really like Outnumbered but now they have her, I cannot take her idiocy.  Oh well.

So she’s been made captain of the Trump-Titanic.

I have to wonder what her motivation is. Did Reince ask her to do the party a solid and make sure Trump doesn’t lose too badly to mitigate down-ballot losses?

Or is she serious in thinking he can win?

Or is she just in it for the money? I have to think the money thing is the least likely factor. Going forward, who is going to hire the lady who tried to salvage the Trump campaign?

She never struck me as a rocket surgeon from her media appearances in the past.