As an aside, I’m not sure how I feel about Trump specifically not endorsing Paul Ryan.

His not endorsing McCain has my full support. That asshole needs to retire or move to NJ where they expect their Republicans to act like that. (and he should take Jeff Flake with him).

I mean, I agree with that, and while Ryan did endorse Trump, Trump is running against the establishment assholes led by Paul Ryan.

Trump’s allure is that he’s fighting the establishment. Hell, if Trump endorses Ryan he might as well endorse Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and Harry, I’m the biggest dirtbag in the dirtbag-dominated Senate, Reid.

If Trump doesn’t win, he could still do America some good by destroying the current GOP, so we might have that going for us.

Case in point. “Republican Meg Whitman endorses Hillary!”

The headline, if I had written it, would have been, “Establishment Prick Bashes Trump, Endorses Hillary!.”

So why did she endorse Hillary! other than her establishment prickishness?


Can you say, “Quid pro quo”? How about, “You scratch my back by supporting me by endorsing me and giving me a few $million, I’ll make sure the federal gov’t gives you a few $billion of our next stimulizing.”

Now, most of the endorsement is the normal idiocy, but this idiocy goes above and beyond the call of stupidity.

Whitman went on to praise Clinton for her “temperament” and “global experience” that she said would make the former Secretary of State a “far better choice” for President.

“In a tumultuous world, America needs the kind of stable and aspirational leadership Secretary Clinton can provide.



hillary's temperament

Global experience? Do you mean when her servers were hacked by global enemies of the US or when she asked who had painted Our Lady of Guadalupe or the destruction of what little stability the Muslim world had? I mean, all of those are “experience”, but Hillary! has not shown any hint that she learned anything from her time as Sec State.

Hillary! knows far too much to ever learn everything.

Aspirational? Are we still talking about Hillary!? She is all about getting power and money for her, what the hell is aspirational about that?

Stable? Well, sometimes people keep cows in stables, I assume the Golden Cow’s stable would be gilded, so I’ll give them that one.


In We Think You’re An Idiot news, Congress is having Hearings!!!!!!!! Over what?

Who cares. Jebus, I’m sick of fish, my squeezy bulb is worn out and my fins hurt.


Can you say ‘Backdoor‘?

The Obama administration is weighing new steps to bolster the security of the United States’ voting process against cyberthreats, including whether to designate the electronic ballot-casting system for November’s elections as “critical infrastructure,” Jeh Johnson, the secretary of Homeland Security, said on Wednesday.

I thought that you could.

I’d talk about foxes and henhouses, but really, a Chicago-maching pol having his peeps strengthen voting security is far beyond that.

It’s like having Congress protect my freedom.

We do, of course, know why they’re going after ‘hackers’.




Recall when Planned Parenthood was all against dehumanizing people or you could kill them, well


You can’t get much more irony than that, heck, this doesn’t show more irony than those two tweets.


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