I Love NY (Post)

Posted: August 17, 2016 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, It's Science!, Moron of the Day, Why I Hate People

A few I  NY (Post) links.

I don’t love this story though.

A courageous 6-year-old boy who fought off a man who tried to rape his mother was stabbed to death by the fiend

He was going to rape mom, outside, in broad daylight as she was walking her kids to school.

Absolutely horrible. I don’t know what they’re going to do to this guy, but since it probably won’t involve starving coyotes it won’t be enough.


A coupla palate washers.

First, I deplore this, I mean, it’s just terrible.

was allegedly attempting to have sex Tuesday with a parked van in Dayton, Ohio,


A van? Seriously? If you’re gonna rape a car, it should be a Miata. Those little teases are asking for it.

Lest you think that some alcohol was involved,

He had also been swinging from a nearby stop sign.

After his tryst, Henson appeared to pass out in a neighbor’s lawn…

A lot of alcohol was involved.


Now this is the funniest global warmmongering thing I’ve read in years. I’d say since 2003-05 when the Goracle predicted the demise of the North Pole that year. 06 or so is when he started saying, “In 5 years!”.

July was actually the hottest month on Earth ever, according to the latest data from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies,



EVER!!!!! Now what do you have to say you denier?


EVER!!!!!! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ummmmm, ever? Really? Ever?

You cannot know that.

At best, all we know for sure is if it was the hottest month since the 80s.

At normal, it’s a blatant lie so I’m sure in the near future we’ll see some ‘corrections’ that will receive absolutely no coverage.


  1. Imadenier says:

    …no, not hottest evah…but hotter than the 1951-1980 average…but, do they really have global data from that time with the accuracy of today’s monitoring capability…I don’t think so…but, it is a nice clickbait headline…oh, and an astrophysicist has now decided I’m a denier/troll…well…sticks and stones…
    …but, nice weather to be cruising around in a topless miata, and that top does come off easy…

    • veeshir says:

      We didn’t have good weather data until we had good sensors on good satellites, which means the 80s.
      We have no idea what the temp of the North or South Pole in 1945 was, except it was cold.

      You get it, if that guy had been raping a Miata, he could have said, “The hitch was asking for it!”.

  2. HayZeus says:

    All this Miata talk makes me think there’s probably some rule 34 Miata stuff out there somewhere. And I thought I was sick… :O

  3. veeshir says:

    Oh, you’re sick, but for entirely different reasons.

    I started trying to look for some Miata porn, but then I realized I really don’t want to do that search.

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