It’s odd how many people know something  but still act as if they don’t.

Case in point.

In talking about a NY Post article, John Hinderaker writes a post with the headline



talking about how in 1992, when Bill was running against an incumbent, it was All About Teh Economy Stupid!!!!!


In 92 our fine media betters saw a way to get Bill elected, now we’re in 2016 and they’ve become Minitrue doing their best to get this corrupt, aging, botoxed, grannarch over the line, the last thing they’re going to do is link her to the present, never-ending, “recovery” that doesn’t seem to provide any recovery to anybody not connected/donating to the various oligarchs in the Dem party.

If Trump wins, we’ll be in a depression by 2/1/17.

To the NY Post article, they write this.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are too busy trading barbs on hot-button topics like race and immigration to discuss the economy

Yeah see, Trump is talking about that, he just had a whole big rollout of his plan, it was in all the blogs!

It’s Hillary! and her Minitrue allies that are constantly going on about calling Trump a racist, fascist, homophobe, talker-in-movie-theaters kind of guy while trying to avoid talking about the economy.

Which attacks our betters in the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party, most especially including much of Foxnews, (Hello Campaign Carl, I hate The Hoi Polloi, Cameron!) are happy to tut-tut about.


Trump is fighting against Minitrue, the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party, the Dem party and half of the people who hate Minitrue, the  WBASTY Party and the Dem party.

He’s doing pretty well for that.


I wanted to post about this the other day, but it sort of fits here.

Trump needs to keep tying Hillary! to the Arab Spring!

teach your children well

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