First the endy.

Fascist Lou Lavely, Travelers Rest High School Principal thinks latino students are too stupid, angry and just plain violent to be faced with the American flag.

 banned students from carrying American flags into a football game against Berega High School, because a lot of students at Berega are Hispanic.



This guy lists a few times the Fascist, Amerikkka and Hispanic hater, Lou Lavely Travelers Rest High School Principal decided that he would abuse his position of authority to spread his message of fascism and hate.

hird, last night as I took the flag and attempted to enter myself he stated, “I have the authority to tell anyone they can’t bring it on the property.” Unfortunately the cops were not helpful and sided with Lavely even after stating “you’d probably win if you took it to the school district.”


Everybody involved in shitting on our rights, hating on America and Hispanic students (by thinking they’re too violent to be trusted), and abusing their authority even though they admit they are wrong to do so needs to be fired, lose their pensions, be objects of derision across America and never be alllowed to work in any position of authority ever again, take away their pet rocks.

What will happen is absolutely nothing. He’ll put out a statement if the fuhrer…furor builds up too much,  but none of the cops who stripped Americans of their rights will face any repercussions whatsoever.


Now, the funny. We all know MSNBC is racist, but it’s nice to see them illustrate is so hilariously.

(Original vid went gone, this is a replacement)



I guess they didn’t have any watermelon commercials lined up.


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