Above the post, rephrased comment I saw tubing this morning but can’t remember where!!!!!!

Before the Dems gained so much power in Michigan, we made cars in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now, they make cars in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint.

Cold Fury has the weirdest blogroll, it actually contains many current blogs. Weird that. Here and at the mothership, we know what a blogroll is. It’s full of dead links, blogs that haven’t been updated in 5 years and places nobody here would link anymore.

So let’s do a Cold Fury Blogroll Post!

Slublog‘s blog belongs on our blogroll, it has the “Welcome to blogging!” post that is supposed to be edited. So score one for us.


I haven’t read SHTF in a long time, there’s probably a denial-related reason for that.

Two Central Banks Just Printed Billions In Paper Currency… And Immediately Bought Gold Mining Stocks With It

They then list a bunch of other nations that are doing the same thing just not so spectacularly.

Somehow, that doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies.


We obviously all misunderstood Obama’s reasons for opening up to Cuba.

Obama arbitrarily opens commercial flights from the U.S. to Cuba, but no one seems to know if the State Sponsor of Terror Castro regime is complying with or even capable of complying with American and international airport security standards. What could possibly go wrong?

He was trying to get some non-Islamic terrorists in our nation so our fine media betters could call us haters. Does that make sense? No, but Minitrue hasn’t required sense or logic for their attacks on me for years.

It will turn around the 70s era joke, “Take this plane away from Havana!

I guess that’s where we seg our ue to America, there wasn’t too much international on his blogroll, blame him.

I love Watt’s Up With That? It’s another blog I forgot to rebookmark with my new laptop.

So we were sitting around the fire at the fish camp on the Colombia a few days ago, and a man said “Did you hear about the scientific study into meat preservatives?” We admitted our ignorance, and he started in. The story was like this: (stupid story about preservatives skipped, it would make you more stupider just to hear it)….

(requirements of a good urban legend skipped)…

So … as some have already guessed, let me compare the current climate scare to an urban legend. We have:…

It’s actually a really good read about how global warmmongering is really just an urbane legend. But then they go off the rails

My thought is that if we can understand why the urban legend of impending Thermageddon is so popular and so hard to kill, we will understand how to fight it.

Dude, you can never reason someone out of a position they were not reasoned into, and since their ‘group’ isn’t going to ridicule anybody who believes in global worming, you’re pissing up a rope.

This is the gov’t overrreach section


There was a complex case of Federal overreach in the last month, in which the US Fish and Wildlife Service seized control of 77 Million acres of Alaska to gain Federal control over Alaskan wildlife….

Historically, control of the wildlife in every state has been left to the states…

It is spelled out in multiple laws and agreements, and was debated three times by Congress, ultimately resulting in giving Alaska precedence, including:
the Alaska Statehood Act (1959),
the Alaska Lands Act (1980) which created most of the 77-million-acres of refuges at the center of this unprecedented power grab, and
the Refuge Improvement Act (1997) which also made hunting and fishing priority public uses on all refuge lands
With the vested power of Congress, these acts were clearly approved.
So that’s three separate Federal laws the FWS is violating.

The gov’t is countering any revolution toward more power to the people and ignoring laws to stick it to us.

This is the What’s Going On In  NY? section.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo plans to unilaterally create a $15 minimum wage for all state workers, making New York the first state to set such a high wage for a large group of public employees.

Is that a Screw You? Is that useless as there are no state workers making less than $15/hour? Or is it the Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! section as it means there are state workers in NY who are making minimum wage?

Now we leave Cold Fury’s blogroll and go to my bookmarks.

This is the What’s Going On In Chicago? section.

Chicago Police Unions Tell Cops Not To Work OT On Labor Day!!!!!

From a Chicago Cop Blog

Just out from the Bureau of Patrol:
Days off Cancelled for All District Tact Teams, Area Saturation Teams, Gun Teams, Gang Enforcement Teams and Summer Mobile for the Labor Day weekend
Additionally, PEZ Zones will be covered by District personnel because the VRI numbers are so low
So the FOP point is being made – the Department is dangerously shorthanded and the only way to adequately man the streets is to cancel days off and force people to work.


Hmmmmm. Sounds a little different when you talk about it that way.

I do like this quote from the Weasel Zippers linked article

The union says the move is meant to give officers more time with their families, but some critics see it as a way for police to make a point at the expense of the people living in violent neighborhoods.

Is that a proper use of “I’ll teach you idiots a lesson!”? If they don’t want cops in their neighborhood then let them see what happens.


A recurring newspaper article in the age of Obama!

Record Gun Sales In (insert last month here)


We’ve all seen the Shut Up With All The Freedom Of Speech Shit from Rutgers.

Anybody surprised obviously doesn’t remember this.

Rutgers Paid $32K to Welcome Snooki, But Condoleezza Rice Gets a Protest

Not so surprising anymore, huh?


I’m gonna repost my prediction.

I still think it’s utterly ridiculous and you’d have to be insane to believe it but…..

What with all the drip, drip, drip I’m starting to rewonder if Obama’s “Justice” Dept will indict Hillary! to make room for M’Shell.

My Vredictions about individual people are usually wrong, but I just cannot see Obama, one of the smallest men in America, helping someone he hates as much as the Clintons.

I figure if he tries to pull the switcheroo, it’ll be after the debates so she doesn’t have to actually sully her hands with explaining herself to us.



  1. The Neon Madman says:

    Ha! I found my way back. I had to delete the bookmark and manually go to the site.

    OK, the world is back to normal, right? Let’s carry on, then.

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