So what’s Trump been doing lately?

Making friends with blacks in Detroit. going to flood ravaged Louisiana, and just generally acting like a presidential candidate.


What’s Hillary! been doing lately?

Avoiding ‘journalists’, meeting with the ultra-rich, having her poor health discussed, getting caught lying,  getting caught not securing our secrets, and stunning Clinton News Network anchors with her cavalier treatment of the highest laws of our land.


Notice, all the links, except the last one which has the vid of the CNN anchor, are Minitrue outlets in good standing.

Hell, even CNBC, whose anchors were told not to bash Obama, got in on the bashing.

Is Minitrue starting to treat Hillary! like a Republican again?

Are we really getting to where Hillary! will no longer be given the benefit of the lie?

Will she drop out to spend time with her family..for health reasons?

Are we seeing the beginning of the end of the Clintons and the end of the beginning of the age of  the Obamas?

While I think it would be horrifically destructive for America, at least I’ll look good if it happens as I’m probably the only person in the world who thought it was possible.

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