I can’t, I quit last week. It’s not that hard since I smoke cigars exclusively outside and it’s 100+ out there.

It’s official, I can never go to North Korea.

the diminutive(sic) dictator banned North Koreans from making sarcastic comments

They’d love me there!

Let’s drudgetapose

Geert Wilders, Dutch politician

the far-right politician who was acquitted five years ago of making anti-Islam remarks, has gone on trial again for allegedly inciting hatred against the Dutch Moroccan minority.


with this Dutch pol who will not face any hate-crimes trials.

Anti-Racist Dutch MP Refuses to Shake Netanyahu’s Hand

Calling him “anti-racist” is a nice touch.


What the hell is Obama doing going around the world telling them Trump sucks?

President Obama urged the media and voters Thursday to challenge Donald Trump’s “wacky” proposals, and he reiterated that the Republican nominee isn’t qualified to be president.

In Laos. By calling him “wacky”.

That’s wack.

Comey defending his Friday (hide the) news dump in a memo to the rest of the FBI is very interesting.

He’s trying to defend the indefensible and I’m sure it’s because the non-political-appointees are furious at all the shit Obama’s “Justice” Dept has been doing to them.

The FBI used to pride itself on its professionalism and most people respected them.

Now? Nobody respects them.

People who like rule of law because the FBI is destroying it.

People who don’t like the rule of law because they know the FBI are a bunch of pussies and partisan hacks who will do what they’re told.


Should the Republican Party Be Saved if Hillary! Wins?

The better question would be, “Can it be saved?” as we would spend the next 4 years with them calling their base a bunch of assholes instead of trying to figure out why the people who used to vote for them and send them money are telling them to fuck off.

An even better question would be, “Can the GOP be saved if Trump wins?” as we spend the next 4 years with them calling their base a bunch of assholes instead of trying to figure out why the people who used to vote for them and send them money are telling them to fuck off.


Holy Fucking Shit.  In relation to her obvious, and admitted (I can’t remember because of head-trauma!!!!) health woes:

Clinton campaign warns media to tread carefully

The former aide also agreed that the Clinton campaign wants to put pressure on the press.

No, really. Holy Fucking Shit!

That’s from a media outlet and nowhere in that story is any intimation that maybe, just maybe, a politician telling the media what to cover and how to cover is totally out of fucking bounds and as un-American and anti-American as you can get.

It’s right there in the First Fucking Amendment.

They do get this howler

More recently, both campaigns have sought to improve their relationships with the press.

Right after telling us Hillary! told them to watch their fucking step they say she’s sought to improve their relationship.

We’re living some bizarre future that would have made Aristophanes say, “Dude, that’s messed up.”


People are acting all surprised by this idiocy

Yet every time a transgender man gets pregnant, has a baby, or breastfeeds, the media breathlessly report this “dog bites man” story as if it’s news.

So what you’re saying is that people who continually pretend that reality is what they say it is are shocked when actual reality intrudes?

The deuce you say!



You know, some people just piss me off.

A Swedish model-turned-medical student shelled out $1,500 for an Airbnb share in Queens — only to find out the place was a secret brothel while the renters were away,


What with all the complaining he got it shut down.

Yeah see, you keep your mouth shut about stuff like that.

Have you no decency?

Also, the “Swedish model” was a dude. That doubly pisses me off.

  1. The Neon Madman says:

    Hey, Veeshir, I am a huge Floyd fan. Saw them live late 70’s (back when I was cool and rock bands were good). Saw Roger Waters with the In The Flesh tour ten or so years ago. Saw The Wall Live at Soldier Field 2014. The man’s politics suck, but he sure can put on a show.

    I might be old but I got to see some of the good bands. Rock on, man.

    • veeshir says:

      I might be old but I got to see some of the good bands. Rock on, man.

      I saw most of them.
      I do regret that time I told my friend I didn’t want to go to see The Greatest Rock Band In the History Of Ever, Led Zeppelin. I missed Bowie and Queen too, but I saw most of the rest.

      I won’t go to any of the 70s rockers concerts today. There just seem something ridiculous for a 50+ year old guy going to see 70+ rockers.

      I would like to see Septegenarian Who play, “My Generation”. Just for the giggles though.

    • HayZeus says:

      Saw them live late 70’s

      If that wasn’t a little before my time, I’d be jealous. Plus, I did get to see the Waters-less incarnation of Floyd and tbh, while I could have done with a more of their earlier stuff and less of the later stuff (Dogs or Echoes would have been awesome), the set list was (mostly) great and I was too busy enjoying myself to really notice his absence.

  2. The Neon Madman says:

    Make an exception for the Who if they come around. Saw the Who back in May with the wife. They are still touring, called “The Who Hits 50” . Townshend, Daltrey and Ringo’s kid Zak Starkey on drums. They absolutely rocked.

    Never saw Zeppelin, sure wish I would have.

  3. Imadenier says:

    I love that life of brian bit…
    pregnant Icelandic teenager = pregnant gay transgender male… really… so … is he/she the father and the mother? is the sperm doner/biologically male boyfriend also gay or bi-sexual? or is he a straight guy who got his confused teen girlfriend in trouble? I’m confused too, but not in that way… I love Iceland…they believe fairies and trolls are real too…
    wow…it really would have been convenient for my wife if I could have helped with the breast feeding …but… I’m biologically unequipped, so I rolled over and tried to sleep until it was time to go to work…

    • veeshir says:

      So what you’re saying is that that I should say that Swedish model is a woman?


      • imadenier says:

        maybe? …is the swedish bikini team all women too?
        i’m just confused…
        i have a friend who is biologically a 40something white male cop who identifies as a 16yr old asian female and i’m unsure if he should arrest his wife, who is biologically a 40something white female, for statutory rape after they have sex…

  4. geoff says:

    Saw the Who back in May with the wife.

    Har. I saw the Who on their “last concert tour” back in, like, 1990. Saw the Stones on their “last concert tour” around the same time.

    • veeshir says:

      I saw the first Farewell Tour!!!!s of the Who and the Stones.

      The Who was really good, warming up was David Johansen (cabbie from Scrooged, I was still in the parking lot but you could hear it, I don’t know why he was feeling Hot Hot Hot.) and the Clash.

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