Gooder News For Moderner Woman!

Posted: September 13, 2016 by veeshir in Filthy Hippies, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!, Moronosphere, Vagina Squad Fail

Many non-leftists have been noticing that lefties ‘left’ traditional religions and just replaced it with some brand of leftism.

Global warmmongering is the most obvious, but it’s the same across the leftist spectrum.

Case in point.

I often joke with people that feminism has been like a born-again religion for me – that once I found it and let it into my life, my entire perspective shifted in such a way that suddenly, everything made sense – and that I feel compelled to spread that gospel.

Preach it sister!

it was never my fault or about me individually gave me space to start an immense healing process.


I often encounter people who ask me and others, though, what the point of feminism is – how it’s still relevant, why it matters….

Because feminism isn’t only present in my life when I’m filling out a ballot or waiting for my birth control prescription. Feminism has colored every single thought and action that passes through me in a day. Feminism has changed how I see myself and others. Feminism has rebooted my entire being.

You really don’t want to know what they use for a baptismal.

She then lists a dozens of ways that feminism makes life better, ranging from hilarious to utter stupidity. I’d make fun of it but that’s probably a macro-aggression, you see, only feminists can say what’s wrong with other people, to say what’s wrong with feminists is evil, othering, psychick rape* and NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!

When I clicked that link via David Thompson, I got a pop-up that I couldn’t not click.

Everyday, videos of police violence, snippets from Trump’s speeches, and other blatant evidence of systemic racism spreads across the media and internet.

More and more white people are feeling the urge to do something about it – and that’s great!

But many white folks don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed by the emotions that begin to arise – whether that’s feeling frozen with guilt, powerless to make a difference, or defensive about the idea that racism is a factor.

Yes, whitey just doesn’t get it. For the record, I wrote the next sentence before I saw this

In this interactive online workshop, you’ll learn how to free yourself from toxic whiteness and begin developing an anti-racist white identity by learning:

I know there’s a bunch of former slave-owners here, so you can go expiate your sins as you learn the importance of not being racist, you white devil you.

So in the before, there was white supremacism but now we have white subordination so stop thinking that the color of your skin means anything!

Before we move on, Hate Crime!


In more, it’s not the wymyn’s fault!, the fact this isn’t true isn’t Stoaty’s fault


She was lied to by whitey.


*psychick started out as a misspelling but now I’m proud of the phrase “psyckick rape”. That has to be a hate-crime.


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