The Hate That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Posted: September 18, 2016 by veeshir in Obama's Fault

Above the Post Comment I meant to make!!!!!!!

Yesterday, Hillary! said something about how a POTUS cannot traffic in conspiracy theories.

Yes, the originator of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy had the chutzpah to say that and not a one of the ‘journalists’ taking dicktation remarked on it.

I was expecting to see the vid today all over the place, but no. I can’t even find it.

Now, back to the other hate our fine media betters are trying to hide.


We’ve all seen the bomb going off “outside the Associated Blind Housing facility at 135 W. 23rd Street”

I’ve seen people ask, “Why blow up the blind?”

What our fine media betters are not saying is what’s AT 123 W 23rd St.


Oh, a church.

In Minnesota I tried to find out what was going on with that mall stabbing last night. There was no information on the dead suspect. Since he was dead, they had him in custody but they weren’t saying squat.

Read this article, they have the releases in time order, you have to scroll way down through all the “no details” stuff  you find out

BREAKING: St. Cloud mall stabbing attack suspect referenced Allah during attack, asked at least 1 victim if they were Muslim before assault.

Our social, intellectual, political and moral betters are really getting scared, Obama’s smirt duhplomacy has ensured we’re being attacked here but they’re trying to hide it to get their Golden Cow elected.

See last post for people noticing it.

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