You Misspelled “Years”

Posted: September 18, 2016 by veeshir in Fun With Media, I'm Afraid I Can't Blog That, Obama's Fault


Via Ace who had this

Police believe the two devices that were detonated in New Jersey and New York were made by the same person,

Nothing to see here, move along


Not related, but while I was looking for something (I do not like it when people post a picture of a tweet, I try to find the original) I saw this


Because nothing says “Journalistic integrity” like huge, fake boobs!

When a bunch of the Foxnews newsreading wymyns started talking about Ailes’ sexual harassment, the first thing I thought was, “Braindead bimbos who got their job because of their looks pissed at being treated like braindead bimbos.”

Now, while I deplore my sexism, I dare you to tell me that Megyn Kelly is a good interviewer and isn’t where she is because of her looks, mostly her tits.

Typical Megyn Kelly question: “Somebody else said something about you, what do you have to say?”

That’s not a good interviewer’s question, that’s a nitwit interviewer’s question. She could find out if the accusation was true, but she doesn’t bother, she just gets OUTRAGED!!!!!!! She could think up her own questions to ask, that’s what good interviewers do, but she’s a nitwit with a nice body, so she just has her staff tell her what other people are saying about the person she’s going to ‘interview’ and then culls a few questions out.

Howard Stern is the best interviewer in the industry, I just wish he wanted to find out something besides the length of someone’s pecker or the number of sexual partners.

And yes, I think Shep has his position for the same reason, except I don’t like his boobs. Cuz he is a boob.

There are a few hotties on the channel who are not bimbos, like the old crew on Outnumbered.

They added Meghan and some Juan Williamsesque leftist woman who can be relied on to aggresively toe the lefty line. Sort of like Bob Beckel with smaller boobs.

That used to be the best Chicks on a Couch show too. I watched it whenever I could, now I can’t even watch.

Sad to say, the last thing I’ll possibly ever hear on that show was Harris Faulkner ask, “Meghan (McCain), what do you think?”

There will never be a time when I care what Meghan McCain ‘thinks’ and I’d bet a dollar that Harris Faulkner agrees. I also bet she wishes she had more control over that show.

Eh, since I’m pissing all our distaff side off, let’s keep going.

This is utterly hilarious.

Army chiefs applaud ‘courage’ of Britain’s first female infantry soldier…

But wait, there’s still more!!!!!! Let’s find out what those ellipses took out of that headline

who revealed she was born a boy


Bitain’s first female infantry soldier to serve in the Army has told how she was born a boy and described how honoured she is “to be able to make history”.

Make history, make me laugh. Same difference anymore.

Although, I have to wonder if that pisses women off.

I mean, some dude got his talleywacker whacked and now he’s trying to be a historic glass-ceiling breaker.

It’s funny how we blew through the Information Age and immediately went into the Stupid Age.


  1. imadenier says:

    i’ll tell you… it pisses my wife off… the store that shall not be named pissed her off… ben got caught cross-dressing, said he wanted to be called chloe and started taking hormone treatment…it doesn’t say he’s gone the full bobbit… so… chloe is still playing hide the sausage in the locker room with her towel…and if that locker room is the women’s locker room… that too piss my wife off…

    funny story…DC bars are required to hav the gender neutral signage “restroom” for single occupant bathrooms…Madams Organ, in Adams Morgan, has single is in trouble because they have 2 “restrooms” labeled “mens” in violation of the law… unfortunately… the fix is not so easy as changing signage… though the owner is sympathetic to the transgender community… those two restrooms have only urinals, and would require interesting gymnastics for use for penis free patrons…

    • veeshir says:

      I missed that. He didn’t even whack his talleywacker.
      That makes it even funnier.

      those two restrooms have only urinals, and would require interesting gymnastics for use for penis free patrons…

      Listen, biology and physiognomy having nothing to do with reality!
      What are you, some sort of anti-science bigot?

      • imadenier says:

        imadenier…of course i’m anti-science…i’m also a deplorable basket case…so of course i’m a bigot…i’m also a father… which, is the only group that can be laughed at on tv or movies…so, of course i’m an idiot…

        sticks and stones…

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