Wisconsin Fascists go after Scott Walker’s supporters with secret police, secret subpoenas and secret squirrels, well, maybe not the last one.

U.S. Sup Ct refuses to hear prosecutors’ appeal from WI Sup Ct decision shutting down anti-conservative witch hunt.

The hidden lede in that story is that even though they got slapped down by every court they kept appealing to keep the Room 101 harassments to go on.

They spent Wisconsin tax-payers money to appeal the cases that tried to stop that secret police BS until finally actually asking the US Supreme Court to uphold their fascism.

Now, Orwell, Heinlein and others foresaw that stuff, but what gets me is first, they kept appealing their fascism and that we’ve finally found a leftism John Roberts isn’t willing to aid and abet! Whodathunk that?


Under Obama we’ve seen the people who are tasked with keeping furriners out tasked with facilitating their entry, the police who are supposed to protect our cities are aiding rioters, the EPA, which is tasked with protecting the environment (It’s right in the title!), are destroying the environment and more, looking for that shit depresses me, but now we have the kicker. (as in, kick-me-in-the-face-er).

The FBI is now in the aiding and abetting in criminal felonyizing.

Immunity deals for two top Hillary Clinton aides included a side arrangement obliging the FBI to destroy their laptops after reviewing the devices, House Judiciary Committee sources told Fox News on Monday.

We promise not to prosecute you for any felonious behavior associated with these computers and just to make sure nobody else does, we’re gonna destroy them for you! Like with a hammer and shit!


People accuse me of beating a dead horse over stuff, but the FBI is beating a dead rule of law into a mushy paste suitable for spreading. Like vegemite but less tasty and full of fascist goodness.


Now come the two funnies that are not endies (well, except the inherent endiness of our media as Mnitrue and Trump as POTUS)


CNN poaches BuzzFeed’s all-star political team ahead of election


You’d think they could have hired Gawker’s ALL STAR POLITICAL TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for a lot less.


Speaking of Trump, if you had told me a year ago I would want this shirt in a, mostly, non-laughing way, I’d have called you a fool.



We Shall Overcomb!!!!! is now my new rallying cry, possibly soon to be my version of a rebel yell.



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