5 Idiotic “Arguments” For Conservatives To Vote Hillary!

Posted: October 11, 2016 by veeshir in Conservatism, Fun with Elections, Fun With Media, Not So Funny End Of Civilization, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault, Trump, We're boned

I clicked this just to see how stupid it could be.

The answer was, “Very”.

I’ll save the first for last cuz it’s the stupidest.

2 The devil you know.

The second most stupidest reason.

That’s exactly the reason most of us are voting for Trump. I’ve said it was being shot with a .50BMG or an unknown gun, I’ve seen it as ‘Russian roulette with a semi-auto or a revolver’, I’ve seen it as the Flight 93 election, and I’ve seen a few others that are similar.

The devil we know is going to finish the destruction of the American Experiment In Self-Rule. The other? Eh, who knows? But at least he gives us a chance.


3 The Alexander Hamilton argument.
A wise man once wrote, “If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”


That’s the “Head in the sand” reason.

As we’ve seen, we cannot “oppose” the gov’t anymore. Giving Hillary! control over the FBI that just destroyed the rule of law, the weaponized IRS and all the various SWAT teams (EPA, NASA, Social Security, etc.) is not a recipe for being able to “oppose” her. It’s a recipe for lots of midnight raids, Hillary!’s re-education camps, IRS harassment, and spurious prosecutions.


4 The Supreme Court is already lost.


That’s the”I’ve told General Washington and I’ve told Sam Adams and now I’m telling you, we can’t beat them Redcoats!” reason. (with thanks to Heinlein for the bastidized quote)

We’ve already lost so why fight?

How about you blow me?


5 Could Clinton be not horrible for the economy?

Depends. Are you talking about the economy that involves Teh Peepul or the economy that includes people who give money to prominent Democrats?

If you’re talking about the first, we’ve seen what crony capitalism has done for a long time now. How about we try a man who knows how to run a business?
I know, that’s thinking outside the box!


And now, for the Most Stupidest Reason For Conservatives To Vote For Hillary!……….


1 The conservative movement grows under Democratic rule.

Because when a Democrat is in office, especially when a Democrat is the president, conservatives have a very public enemy, and they tend to focus on conservative principle.

The Tea Party movement blossomed under President Barack Obama.


You stupid son of a bitch.

We don’t want to be fucking ‘activists’. We want the fucking gov’t to leave us alone and we want to ignore them.

And how has that Tea Party thing worked out? Day 1251 with the only repercussion being people promoted or retired with full benefits while lying to Congress and telling judges to suck their balls.

We did get rid of a bunch of asshole GOPers but the Empire Struck Back and now we have Paul Fucking Ryan and his ilk who are totally ignoring that the IRS was used as a club to beat us (see also, idiotic reason #3) while telling us to shut up, vote for them and send in that sweet, sweet money.


I am pretty well sick and tired of idiots telling me that voting for Hillary! is the only Conservative!!!!!!!!!!!! thing to do.

No, voting for Cruz or Walker or a bunch of the others running was the conservative thing to do, but our fine betters in the We’re Better And Smarter Than You Party, with Minitrue’s connivance, closed off that avenue to try to get us to vote Jeb!, so here we are.  Voting for Trump.

We’re not just fighting the Dems and Minitrue, we’re fighting Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and

little lord graham


And the only person who’s with us fighting that coterie of establishment pricks is Donald Fucking Trump.



Related, When Did PJ Media become Establishment Pricks?, Link

The Associated Press (AP) botched a presidential debate “fact check” last night when it rated false Trump’s claim that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian army were fighting the Islamic State.


No, they didn’t ‘botch’ it. They accomplished exactly what they wanted.

SCREAM the accusation, whisper the correction.

Most people will see the first, “Trump Lied!!!!!!!” article and will not see the correction.

So now, we’ll be seeing CNN and Foxnews talking heads and probably some Hillary! ads, quoting the first, Trump Lied!!!! article and anybody who tries to note the correction will be shouted down.

Jebus. Have you fools not watched them perfect that in the Great Global Worming ‘Debate’?


It’s getting ugly out there and Trump is the only one fighting the ones who are trying to grind Teh Peepul under their high-heeled, trans-gendered, jack-boots.


As a totally unrelated aside, this Lemur King link is hilarious. I’m not sure why I went to his site, I am still boycotting him, but I saw that post and I was going to link it and comment on the article.

His post in its entirety.

This is rather toothless in terms of action.  Reeks planning to pour oil into an engine with a cracked block every time you fill up.

While President Obama is focused on getting money to friendly-ish Syrian rebels, Congress is increasingly demanding he take more steps to stop militant fighters from coming to the U.S. by stripping Americans of their passports if they join the fight and by suspending countries that have large contingents of foreign fighters from the Visa Waiver Program.

What about stopping the porous borders?  Perhaps opting for security takes a back seat to ensuring an easy voting bloc.  That’s sad.
But counterterrorism officials say they are far more concerned that an ISIS militant will enter the United States the same way millions of people do each year: legally, on a commercial flight. Their efforts have focused on the more than 2,000 Europeans and 100 Americans who have traveled to Syria to fight alongside extremist groups, nearly all of them crossing over its unprotected borders. Without markings in their passports to show that they traveled to Syria, American border authorities have few ways of determining where they were and stopping them from entering the country.
And if they come here across the Mexican border authorities will have nearly 100% certainty of checking those visas to see if terrorists went to Syria.  Good call, guys.  Good call.

That’s all I can write, this whole scenario is making me nauseous.


Surprise! That’s from 2 years ago, not a few weeks ago.

Everything old is new again and everything new is getting pretty damn old.



  1. socklessjoe says:

    Hillary’s discussion of oil prices was some of the most incomprehensible economic bullshit I’ve heard in a long time. I mean, it was so idiotic it didn’t even qualify as “wrong”.

  2. veeshir says:

    Jeez, you just don’t get it.

    HIllary! is a political heavyweight with experience!
    If you can’t understand her answer, maybe it’s you who doesn’t get it!

    Did I say that with a straight face? I’m practicing in case she wins is why I ask.
    I don’t want the FBI, the IRS or, even worse, the EPA SWAT teams coming to my house if I can avoid it.

    Shouldn’t you be on the other side of the comments?
    I’ve been hoping some other cobs would jump in if I got the blog rolling again. It was almost dead and I like this place.

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