Resurrection of the dead

Posted: October 12, 2016 by aliceaitch in Uncategorized, WTF Is Wrong With Colorado, Zombies!

I suppose I should be in favor of zombies voting…

Colorado has some of the most permissive voting laws in the nation.

  • We allow online voter registration
  • We have a ballot by mail system that is almost exclusively used
  • We permit same-day voting registration
  • Convicted felons regain the ability to vote after their sentences are complete
  • Failing to vote no longer changes a voter’s status to inactive; instead mail from the county must be returned undeliverable

The last item may not lend itself to mass voter fraud, but it certainly allows a deceased voter’s survivor to cast an extra ballot.

Just as disheartening is the lackadaisical attitude of the county clerks. Being “amazed that the number [of fraudulent votes caught] wasn’t larger” shows a blind faith in the system that isn’t warranted and a lack of understanding of basic math. The number of fraudulent cases should be compared to the number of ballots audited, not the total number cast.

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