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Posted: October 23, 2016 by veeshir in Ask a Moron, Notes on the Revolution

Never Remember! Never Learn!

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in November, what attitude should Democrats and Republicans alike take toward Trump voters? It will be tempting to excoriate or patronize them, or to woo them to your cause. But all of these approaches would be mistaken.


Yeah, we’re just too dim and deserve what our fine betters give us.

A much better strategy — for both parties — is to engage in selective memory, and to treat Trump voters as though the whole sorry episode of his candidacy never occurred.

Listen, ignoring why much of America is pissed off is why we have Trump.

Let’s interrupt this idiocy with a little elucidating the obvious!

Even assuming a convincing Clinton win, many, many Americans are going to vote for Trump on Nov. 8.

But they’re in flyover country, they don’t matter.

I love this bit

That doesn’t necessarily mean all Trump voters will have thought Trump should be president;

Nope, but I’d suggest that it does mean that many (most? nearly all?) think Hillary! would make an even worse POTUS.

if the polls are sufficiently lopsided on Election Day, it will be logically possible to vote for him as a protest.

Oooooohhhh, so close. He is a protest vote, but it’s a protest against even more than Hillary!, it’s a protest against all of the We’re Better And Smarter Than You party and their Minitrue allies all of whom treat us with all the contempt that this tool is showing.

Democrats might be tempted to say that anyone who voted for Trump has bad morals and belongs in the much-discussed “basket of deplorables.” The Republican version of moral outrage against Trump voters would be to say that the candidate’s words (and maybe conduct) around sexual morality made him undeserving of election, and that anyone who voted for him must share his morals.


Our betters have been putting us down for a long time now, why stop now? Especially when we’ve been so stupid as to go against what they’ve decided is best for us (Jeb V Hillary!)

As for the bit about morals, Trump’s said some bad things, a bunch of women are going after him in a convenient time (I hope he does sue the shit out of them), Hillary! is an aider, abetter and liar abouter for a man who’s done far worse, all as she viciously attacked the women who, credibly, accused him of doing worse things than Trump talked about.

I’ve cut out a bunch of stuff that mischaracterizes what Trump has called for as ‘moral outrages. I assume, like building a wall, because there’s only one, acceptable, position on that. If you want our nation to enforce the laws our betters have decided not enforce, you’re a moral pygmy. If you don’t want to enforce the laws our betters have decided we need to enforce, like gay marriage, you’re a moral pygmy.

We used to just feel that enforcing laws was what America was all about, (A nation of laws, not men), but we’re in the glorious Now! where that’s just a hold-over from when dead, white slave-owners had their patriarchical heel on the throat of Amerikkka.

But moral outrage would be a moral mistake.

Moral outrage is all that our fine betters have.

Patronizing Trump voters would also be a mistake

Why stop now? I do find it hilarious in an article that’s basically one long patronizing of Trump voters, this fool says that to do so would be a mistake.

Introspection is so passe.

That leads to the final temptation, namely to try to win over Trump voters either by crafting policies aimed at saving the white lower-middle class… The former is at least an admirable goal — but only provided it can be accomplished realistically, without doing much more harm than good,

Yeah, helping Americans is less of a priority than helping non-Americans.

The alternative is to treat Trump voters as though they were ordinary, rational voters choosing among policy options available to them. That will require pretending retrospectively that this election wasn’t somehow special or distinctive, and that Trump wasn’t a uniquely dangerous candidate.


That ignores that Hillary! is an even more ‘uniquely’ dangerous candidate.

If she wins, we’ll be seeing that in short order. Well, at least until they can’t hide her illness and we get the even crazier Kaine.


I say we audiblize. Let’s ask Eli what he thinks (at about the 6 second mark)


Sure they suck this year, but that’s darn funny.

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